Peek…Aren’t You Curious

Peek…Aren’t You Curious is a boutique children’s brand of high quality clothing both online and in physical stores throughout California, Arizona and Texas. Since implementing Storefront Social, traffic from Facebook to the ecommerce store has increased and contributed to their overall revenue mix. Per visitor value has reached to $1.20 and a conversion rate of 1.21% has been observed in conjunction with engaging the online community.

Peek’s other Social Media efforts together with Storefront Social have created a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy that continues to drive traffic to their site as well as customer/fan engagement which provokes word-of-mouth marketing.

Peek also takes advantage of the Highlight feature to keep their top sellers at the top of the page. Peek creates a new banner graphic for each season with a specific promotional code to offer an exclusive discount to their Facebook business page to encourage ‘liking’. Peek does an excellent job of utilizing their storefront and promoting the engagement with their fans by asking for feedback on specific shirts, highlighting upcoming sale items, and offering sneak peeks of their upcoming sales so there’s even more reason to becoming a fan.

Using Storefront Social is a perfect complement to any social media strategy, and simply advertising and having your product available on Facebook makes it the perfect opportunity to be discovered by other Facebook users.

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