Common social media mistakes you need to avoid

Social commerce is here to stay. And, if you don’t have a facebook shop and page, it is time to create one. Social media is the present and future of communication in the modern world. Social networks offer users a platform to communicate with their friends in real time. Add some great applications and you can also do so through cellular phones. Marketing on social media means that you are marketing to your target audience, worldwide.

However, it is not as simple as logging onto the network and getting started. Your marketing on facebook strategy needs to be well conceived and thought through. The first thing that you need to understand is that there are real people and customers listening to every post and message. Thus, you need to be careful about what you say and how you say it. Your business will need professionals who understand the target audience and speak a language that they relate to. The tone and content of your messages is very important.

Your online brand image should be concurrent to your offline one. There should be no dissonance between the two, or it is bound to create ambiguity and confusion. The core values that your brand stands for must be clear and well identified by social network users. Thus, your marketing team needs to work in tune with the team that will manage your facebook shop and page. Every message and marketing effort should be in good taste and should take into consideration your brand image and its target audience.

Learn to listen

Far too many brands use social media to blatantly advertise their business and don’t listen to their customers. If you want to interact with your target audience, it is imperative that you listen to what they have to say and what interests them. This will also guide your commerce on facebook and allow you to choose techniques that will work effectively. It is vital that your marketing efforts on the social network arouses interest in prospective customers and motivates them to visit your facebook shop and page.

Be honest

Consumers are far more likely to buy a brand that inspires trust and confidence that one that does not. Your customers should feel satisfied by their shopping experience on your facebook store.  To this end you need to clearly state the store’s social commerce policies and details regarding the currencies in which visitors can purchase products. Storefront Social can help you create a facebook store that befits your brand image.

Inspire confidence

Let your customers know that you appreciate them. Ensure that your customer service team closely follows customer feedback that is posted on your wall or discussion board. Customers need to be heard and your business needs to respond in a positive and satisfactory manner. Businesses need to provide information regarding how they can be contacted. This should include a proper postal address and not an impersonal P.O. Box number.

Before you begin to create your facebook marketing strategy it is vital to study marketing campaigns by competitors and other brands. Every social network requires special attention and a unique marketing operation.

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