Supporting local businesses on facebook

Economies across the world are struggling, as businesses work hard and creatively to stay afloat. It is a time to support local businesses. Facebook and social media can help local businesses reach out to their customer base and keep them loyal. Unlike what a lot of business managers may believe social media is not just for big or national brands. It is for any business, small or big, that wishes to approach its target audience on an even platform.

The contemporary consumer is more aware and socially conscious than ever before. They wish to buy products from local businesses and environment friendly enterprises. It is important for businesses to reach out to their customers and connect with them. Consumers prefer to buy from businesses they like as opposed to those that they don’t like.

Businesses such as Farmer’s Pal helps facebook users find green and sustainable local businesses.  Support Local Businesses is another facebook page that encourages consumers to support local businesses. These fan pages also like businesses and thus are able to divert an interested audience to the fan pages.

How local businesses use facebook

Businesses can use facebook to gain better understanding of their target audience. Regular interaction improves business and revenue. It can also help business managers improve their marketing techniques. They can present exclusive offers and discounts to their customers. Chipotle Mexican Grill offers its patrons and facebook users special deals and discounts. Businesses can offer special discounts for a specific day and can increase footfall greatly. It is important that the offer is interesting enough for people to share and discuss with their friends.

Restaurants and eateries use facebook to garner attention and focus of their patrons. The ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen in Washington uses facebook to post pictures of its mouth watering dishes, and to keep its customers informed about new dishes and locations. Some establishments such as Elements on Hollis, Nova Scotia and Graham Eliot, Chicago also allow people to book a table on facebook. This makes it easier for facebook users to plan their dates and appointments, and improves business for the restaurant. Fans are also likely to talk about their experience at the restaurant and increase publicity.

Businesses that sell a wide range of products from groceries to antiques offer their products on the world’s most popular social media site. They are able to display and showcase their product line, and shopping on facebook saves customers the time and effort they would have spent to go out and shop. Facebook shops that use ‘like’ buttons with each product help customers and visitors to the store share their shopping and wish list with their friends.

An app such as Storefront Social can help any business create a facebook store in a matter of minutes. It showcases the brand’s products and can increase sales. The app allows business managers to offer content in several languages, thus making the app useable in many parts of the world. Businesses can also allow customers to shop with multiple currencies, giving the local business a chance to go global.

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