Great apps that are changing the face of social commerce

Social commerce is the future of e-commerce. It is affecting the way customers view brands and products, and shaping opinions about them. Social media has empowered the consumer in a way that no one could have imagined. It has given them a platform to interact and share their opinions on. The rapid development in apps is changing the face of social commerce and making it more interactive.

Apps to generate interest and sales

There are many apps that make social commerce fun and interactive for the consumer. While some apps are designed to make it convenient for friends to shop together, others allow social media users to shop on their smart phones.

Some apps can also be used to encourage customers to take an action. The Amazon barcode scanner application was used to get customers out into stores to scan three barcodes of certain product groups. For each scanned barcode customer would receive a 5% discount. The app helped increase the company’s database exponentially and also brought in more customers.

Often facebook friends want to buy a product together for a common friend. Group buying apps offer a rather efficient and useful solution for such a situation. They allow friends to select a product and pay for it together without the hassles of having to calculate each one’s share and collecting it. This is a great option for colleagues who work in the same organization or office.

Why are big brands investing in apps

How seriously big brands take social media apps is clear by the instances of business such as Walmart buying apps like Social Calendar. This app helps facebook users keep a track of their social calendar. The app sends out birthday and holiday reminders and offers an option of free greeting cards. Most people shop for their friends on their birthdays and special occasions. Facebook helps them keep a track of these and also assists them in their search for the perfect gift.

Another app that Walmart owns is the Shopycat facebook app. The app helps facebook users find the perfect gift for a friend or a relative based on their likes and interests. It searches through your facebook friend’s shared information to offer some terrific gift options. The app not only points at Walmart products but those offered by other brands too.

Apps to create a facebook store

Storefront Social is an app that helps a business set up a facebook shop in a matter of minutes. The shop can be customized to meet the needs of the business. The facebook storefront can offer content in several languages and customers can shop for products with an option of paying with multiple currency. This makes the facebook store truly global.

The facebook shop makes it possible for facebook users to find the products they are interested in without leaving the social network. Exclusive deals and offers for fans can improve sales and revenue tremendously. Another advantage of the store is that if an interested customer wishes to find the brand and the product on the social network, they can do so easily.

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