New trends in social commerceNuevas tendencias en el comercio socialNew trends in social commerce

Social commerce is a viable option for all businesses, big and small. If a business wishes to gain success on social media and with social commerce, it needs to pay keen attention to trends in social commerce. This knowledge will help refine the brand’s social commerce strategy and gain optimally from it.

The success of social commerce lies in the power that the customers hold over each other. People like to talk to their friends and even strangers about what they should buy and what to avoid. It is kind of like people asking for recommendations at a supermarket or taking friends along for a shopping expedition.

Social gifts

Social commerce harnesses the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. It is more fun than shopping on online stores as customers can share products that they like or have bought. Social media sites such as Facebook make social commerce the future of online shopping. The new trends that businesses need to keep their eye on include the social gifts. While earlier friends sent each other digital gifts they can now choose to buy gifts and have them shipped to their friends.

Facebook keeps friends connected and ensures that they don’t forget special dates such as friends’ birthdays. Now when a user views a birthday announcement they will also have the choice of sending them a gift.  Businesses need to invest in a facebook storefront that offers customers a fun place to shop without leaving the social network. Storefront Social is an excellent app that allows business managers to create a customized facebook shop. The business can choose an apt language to display its content and the store can be managed efficiently. Customers can buy products with several currencies and with PayPal.

Cash mobbing

Businesses that have products to sell need to be visible online. There are several advantages of a facebook storefront. Firstly, your customers can buy products without leaving their favored social network. Next, they benefit from the discounts offered exclusively for facebook users. They love to talk about the great deals and products and motivate friends and other customers to shop online. Testimonials, reviews and ratings are valued highly by customers. User generated content is given more importance over business descriptions.

Social commerce is not exclusive of other mediums of selling. The social media and commerce strategy should be developed keeping in mind the business’ other marketing strategies. Cash mobbing is a unique way of boosting a local retailer and mobs of customers arrive to shop at a store, thus boosting business and local economy.

Businesses to watch

While many brands have chosen to close the shutters of their facebook stores, there are others who stand out prominently. 1-800-Flowers has always inspired its customers to shop together and find reasons to buy some beautiful blossoms. Across the world thousands of businesses, small and big are choosing facebook stores to showcase their products and to sell them. It is important for business owners and managers to recognize the power of social commerce and integrate it in their efforts to increase revenue and promote brand visibility.

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