The rising need for social commerceLa creciente necesidad de el comercio socialThe rising need for social commerce

This is the age in which businesses have to fight strong for their place in the market. Whether yours is a big or a small business, it needs to stay in touch with its target audiences. It is crucial that your business is able to connect with its customers and inspire brand loyalty. There are many ways to sell products and businesses need to explore all avenues. The rising need for social commerce is based on the consumers need to ensure that they get value for their money.

The social experience

People like to talk to their friends, neighbors and colleagues about the things that they wish to buy. They like to get a good understanding of what kind of a product they may end up buying. Consider how people end up talking to strangers at supermarkets and malls about the brands and products they would like to buy. Social commerce helps customers collectively interact and converse so that they can stay informed and buy products that interest them.

There are many reasons for the rise of social commerce and why it is here to stay. The need for acceptance and approval is believed to be one of the top reasons why people promote social commerce. It is the only market place where people can buy and share information in real time. They can even shop with their friends and make the shopping experience truly social. There are many facebook offers for group buying. These are are profitable for the group of customers. Shopping together promotes a sense of solidarity which is often missing when people shop by themselves on an online store.

The power of influence

Social commerce empowers customers and gives them a power that was until now unknown. Brand loyalty is one of the most important ways to ensure that you have and can maintain a strong customer base. Engagement through social media is an excellent way to stay connected with your fans and customers. Facebook is a great way to keep customers informed and entertained. The key to ensuring that your facebook fan page gets a steady flow of traffic is to ensure that the space is not used only for marketing efforts but to genuinely connect with fans.

Social commerce makes customers feel closely connected with their favored brands. What makes this medium especially powerful is the fact that they can post their comments, request and complaints and businesses can respond appropriately and promptly. A negative experience can also be transformed into a positive one. It is also an opportunity to tell your customers that you value their business. Exclusive facebook offers often prompt people to shop and encourage their friends to follow suit.

Businesses need to showcase their products on a facebook shop. This ensures that people can see, find and buy the products that others are talking about, instead of needing to move to another site. Storefront Social is an excellent app that can help you set up a customized facebook store in little time. The social media manager can control the store as required. And content can be displayed in a language of the business’ choice. Customers can pay for their shopping with multiple currencies. This means that irrespective of where your business is based, New York or Norway, you can create and earn from social commerce.

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