What are People Sharing on Facebook?¿Que estan compartiendo las personas en facebook?What Are People Sharing on Facebook?

Sharing is an ancient practice, perhaps as old as mankind. People like to tell stories, retell incidents and pass information to friends and family. The type of information would have been dependent on the generation and what it considered important. With the advent of the internet it became easier to find information. However, with the coming of social media, people truly started to share. In many ways social media has empowered people and given them a platform to express themselves.

What are they sharing?

People like to share all kinds of information and these can be broadly classified into groups.

  • Entertaining and valuable information. This may include a funny story, an amusing quote or a piece of entertaining news. They also like to share information that would be useful to others.
  • Then there are the shares that define the person. These are topics or issues that the person holds dear. This could include posts that support a good cause.
  • Some shares strengthen relationships. These may include a quote that expresses emotions or perhaps a picture of a Starbucks coffee that they are hoping to share with a friend.
  • People love to share information about a new or interesting product that interests them. They also like to talk about a great deal that a brand is offering.

While some people like to share so that their friends know that they keep up with the latest trends and fashion, others share when they find something interesting.  The share button has kind of become like the water cooler at the office. Word of mouth recommendations are the best way to cement the brand identity of a business and to ensure that it is easily recognized.

Do fans click ‘share’ on your page?

The most important thing to remember about social media is that this is your grand chance to reach out to your target audiences. It is not the best place to bombard them with marketing messages. If you want to ensure that fans are motivated to click on the share button you need to keep some things in mind.

  • You need to ensure that you post stories or information relevant and important to your audiences. If your products are aimed at teenagers then parenting stories may not be the best way to hold their attention. However if your brand sells child care products you need to offer information that would be useful to parents.
  • Fun stories are always popularly just as long as they don’t offend the sensibilities. You could also focus on stories that are relevant in the local area that your business may focus on.
  • Keep your posts simple, with a touch of humor. If you are sharing information about a product or an offer, they add a touch of urgency to it. You should keep it exclusively for fans and for a limited period.

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