Use facebook to tell your brand story Utilice facebook para compartir la historia de su marcaUse facebook to tell your brand story

Facebook offers businesses a wonderful opportunity to interact with their target audiences. They can use this platform to tell their brand story, build and cement the brand identity. Every business has to work hard at keeping a finger on the pulse of its target audience, and facebook is essential to achieve this.

About the profile

The profile can be used effectively to tell a brand story. The Coca-Cola facebook page offers information on how the product was first developed as a fountain beverage, by mixing carbonated water with coca cola syrup. This page also offers a historical timeline of the brand. This is an excellent idea for businesses that have been around for several decades. The page focuses not just on the company but also the collection of stories about how the brand has come about.

Post your stories

While the profile and About section focus on how a business came into existence and its core values, it is the stories it posts that focus on what it considers important. International brands that have a presence in multiple countries need to post stories in several languages and choose suitable content. It is crucial that a brand connects with its customers and successfully engages them on the facebook page.

With the Storefront Social app businesses can create customized facebook stores. They can choose a language of their choice and even offer customers the choice of paying for their shopping with multiple currencies and with PayPal. A business can showcase its product line and give fans and visitors an opportunity to shop without leaving the social network. Customers can share their shopping or their wish list with their friends. Thus, promoting the brand with time tested word-of-mouth recommendations.

While some brands may run an advertising campaign on facebook to garner attention others prefer contests and games on the social media site. The latter too focus on the business’ story. The Skittles Greatest Fan in the World contest has evoked a lot of interest and reaction, with fans posting their photos and allowing the brand to use them. Not only has the contest created a stir amongst Skittles fans but the business has found a unique and fun way to promote the brand through its loyal following of fans.

Facebook is an excellent platform for small businesses to create a brand identity and keep their fans and customers informed about new offers and deals. Big brands such as Nike use it to keep fans informed and entertained with the latest stories in the world of sports. The brand is about everything athletic, and this is apparent in its stories.


The Petco facebook page is ‘the’ place for pet lovers and has a fan following of a whooping 2 million. The page is used to promote relevant causes, generate interest in pets and even to post pictures of lost animals. The brand encourages fans to post their pictures and stories and this greatly improves the level of engagement on the page. Overall, the facebook fan page is successful in promoting the brand as one that truly cares for animals and pet lovers.

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