How to sell more on your facebook storeCómo vender más en tu tienda facebookHow to sell more on your facebook store

If you want to sell more on your facebook store the first thing that you need to do is ensure that the storefront offers the entire range of products. There is nothing more irritating for a customer than to find a facebook shop that is badly stocked. A facebook store should ideally offer great navigation and the shop should be structured to help customers find what they are looking for. An app like Storefront Social can make this possible.

Improve trust and confidence in the brand

It is important for a business to inspire confidence in its target audience. This can be achieved by improving engagement on the facebook page. The business can design posts that will elicit a reaction and allow fans to share their experiences with the brand. You could create a board or a community for your facebook fans. This gives customers a chance to express themselves. Sometimes you may encounter negative feedback and it crucial to deal with it effectively and to reassure customers that the brand will do everything to regain their trust and loyalty.

Create a dedicated fan following

Your facebook fan page should offer content that is interesting and likely to keep fans tuned in. To improve brand visibility and promote traffic to the page a business can create daily offers. Such offers will tempt customers to check out the page and the shop, and increase sales. The offer should seem urgent and hence should be for a limited time period. This usually leads to more sales during that time.

Analyze the data and use it

It is important for your business to analyze the data related to the best and worst selling products on the facebook shop. This will help your social media and marketing team come up with a better strategy to sell these products. Sometimes the problem may lie in navigation, while in other instances it may be that some products appear to be more visible than others. Use banners on the home page of the facebook shop to let your customers know what is on offer.

Research indicates that on an average over 65% of online shopping carts are abandoned. It is critical to find out why customers do so. If the reasons are related to navigation or shopping cart problems then these need to be rectified. This would improve sales on the facebook storefront.

Customize your store

Storefront Social helps businesses customize their stores so that they are more appealing to their target audiences. Colors and photos can be used to ensure that the target audience identifies with the brand. Businesses can offer content in a language of their choice and allow customers to pay for their shopping with a currency of their choice or with PayPal. If your business ships to different countries this should be clearly stated on the facebook homepage at the store.

Get ready for the holiday season

Most people shop more during the holiday season. Thus, it is imperative for businesses to capitalize on the extended budget for such occasions. A list of holidays through the year needs to be maintained by businesses so that the social commerce team is well prepared for the holiday season.


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