Stores that Sell Many Brands

Very often social media users see and share products that they like. This would have been a great time to sell the product if the brand had a facebook storefront or if a retailer sold the product. Why is a facebook shop important? This is a question that many business owners ask. Well, the answer is very simple. If you had access to your target audience, all gathered at one spot, wouldn’t you want to sell your products there. There are many retailers that sell several brands. This keeps things interesting for fans and their friends.

Why people like retailers that sell many brands

One of the top things that people like about such shops is the fact that they can peruse products offered by various brands without having to visit many facebook stores. They also like the discounts that retailers offer. There is always an exciting offer to consider and hence, such stores gain from a steady traffic.

Berrybenka is a great place for women to buy the latest fashions. From clothes and accessories to cute key chains, the Indonesian store offers it all. Whether customers wish to buy for themselves or for their friends, this is a popular way to shop.

People enjoy things that are unique and creative. They like to talk to their friends about the same. The Fancy is a place where people can discover the useful, the versatile and the downright ingenious. They can buy and share with their friends. But it is on a social media site such as facebook that they can truly express their interests, and also influence the opinions of their friends. Skeptics wonder why people would buy products on social media and the answer is pretty simple, why not!

Social commerce is the need of the people

This is the age of convenience, and social commerce offers just that. It also offers a platform to express one’s views and to create a little niche. While Soap sells everyday essentials it loses out on business because it doesn’t have a facebook store. What a relief it would be for people to buy all their cleaning essentials and groceries while they caught up with friends on facebook.

Social commerce takes the immense power of social media and gives a business a boost by allowing customers to put their money where their mouth is. Word of mouth recommendations are valuable, and nothing says that a customer supports a brand more than buying it on facebook.

Imagine if fans and customers had the opportunity to shop as soon as they read a post about a good offer. Social commerce can reduce the time between a customer feeling motivated to buy a product and actually clicking the buy button. Storefront Social is an app that helps a business showcase its products on Facebook. The storefront can be customized to the needs of the business and products categorized to offer simple and effective navigation. Customers can pay for their shopping with several currencies and also with PayPal.

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