Key to social commerce success

Social commerce is defined as a type of e-commerce that uses the power of social media to allow businesses to interact and engage their target audiences.  Social commerce assists in the buying and selling of products online. Word of mouth recommendations can make or destroy the reputation of a business. While it has always been an important factor for customers to choose one brand over the other, in the contemporary world it is critical to business success.

Key issues to focus on

The key to social commerce success is to understand that it is a part of business’ marketing strategy and not an exclusive channel. There are three key issues that need to be focused upon to improve sales and revenue through social commerce.

Offer an experience over a mere product

If you want customers to talk about your brand your business needs to offer an experience and not just a product. Engagement on the facebook fan page is crucial to this end. You need to give your target audience something to talk about. It is important that the stories you post appeal to your customers and elicit a response. The experience should be novel, interesting and involve your fans. You could create an online forum for fans to discuss issues. For instance, for baby care products the forum could focus on the same.

The facebook storefront experience

The facebook storefront should be different from the brand’s online store. The approach that business managers need to take for social commerce is different from that for any other medium of selling. The facebook shop should be designed to customize the space to meet the requirements of the business. Whether it is the colors that are used for the store, the navigation or the shopping cart, the social commerce experience needs to be truly unique.

Storefront Social is an interesting app that puts the social commerce manager in control. Products can be categorized in multiple ways so that customers are able to quickly find the things they are looking for. Social commerce is not just selling, it is also about sharing. If fans like to shop on your facebook store they are likely to share their experience and prompt their friends to visit it. This makes it important for a business to offer its entire range of products on the store, rather than just a few. By allowing customers to shop with a currency of their choice or with PayPal shopping is simplified.

Get your marketing plans aligned

It is vital that the social marketing and social commerce plans have a common goal. The former can be used in dramatic ways to improve sales through social commerce. Sometimes a business’ may receive a lot of traffic to its facebook fan page but the sales on the facebook store may be less than satisfying. In such cases the social commerce and social media strategy should be tweaked for optimal results. Incentives to visit the facebook shop should be well developed. Fans should feel motivated to share an offer or a deal with friends, and thereby increase the sales of the business.

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