Top reasons why fans ‘unlike’ a brand

The average facebook user is difficult to profile and put into a general category. This is primarily because the social network has users that are from varied demographic groups. And so, it is important for any business to design its social media strategy based on its target audience. However, there are a few things that put off most folks and prompts them to ‘unlike’ a brand.

Top reason for ‘unliking’ a brand

Posting too frequently is something that irritates facebook users. They hate finding their news update cluttered with posts by a single business. This is especially true if the posts are not well designed and only aim at promoting the brand on the social network. A survey indicates that 73% of respondents take the decision to unlike brands that tend to post too often.

Bad customer service and experience

Bad customer service frequently leads to a fan choosing to ‘unlike’ a brand. The very fact that a business has a facebook page indicates its willingness to reach out to its target audiences, and to interact and engage its customers.

If a customer has a bad experience with a brand and takes up the issue on the facebook page, it needs to be addressed promptly and courteously. Most businesses have some customers who are disappointed with either the product or the service provided. It is imperative that the experience is transformed into a positive one and that the customer’s confidence is once again regained. Some brands that offer the best customer service on facebook include KLM and T Mobile

Decreased brand likability

Sometimes a brand may find that the number of fans choosing to ‘unlike’ it is on the rise. This trend requires immediate and close inspection. It may be due to a marketing campaign that offends the target audience, or it could be due to a change in the product range.

Businesses need to understand their target audiences, and accordingly devise a social media strategy that would appeal to its customers. Brands choose to click the ‘like’ button because they like the brand and want to be associated with it. They look forward to seeing posts that are appealing and entertaining. Once a business has a large fan following it cannot take it for granted and needs to take steps to ensure that fans and customers enjoy following the brand.

A facebook storefront is a great way of ensuring that the target audience can see and buy products that they like. Many facebook users like to buy products and share their experience with their facebook friends. Word of mouth recommendations are highly valued by customers and help improve sales.

Storefront Social is an app that helps businesses set up their facebook store. Businesses can choose from a wide range of design templates that are suitable for their brand image. Content can be offered in several languages. This feature makes the app perfect for all kinds of businesses, small and big, local as well as global.

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