Product Launches on Facebook

Businesses like to launch their products on Facebook and coordinate the same with traditional methods of marketing. Millions of internet users log into the social network on a daily basis. This makes this virtual space prime property for product launches. After all, a company will prefer to launch its product on a platform that offers it maximum attention and appreciation. On Facebook people like to share a great offer with their friends and respond affectionately to the new products that are introduced into the market by the brands that they like to follow.

Nike Golf chose to launch its limited edition green swoosh 20XI balls for the Master’s Tournament on Facebook. In the days before the tournament the brand planned and executed three time-based giveaways. The winners received their Nike Golf balls days before they were offered at retail stores. As a consolation prize Nike Golf offered a free shipping code to its customers. The product launch on Facebook was profitable for the brand in numerous ways. Not only did it generate a lot of interest in the target audiences, but the sales and revenue from the promotional code were six times more than the investment in the campaign.

Why Facebook for Product Launches?

Many a skeptical marketing manager has wondered about the effectiveness of launching a product on Facebook. The fact is that every business needs to use all the tools that it has at its behest. Facebook allows it to gain direct access to its target audiences. A product launch can be planned to create a buzz about it even before the product reaches the market. This way the customers are ready for the product and waiting to buy it. Some businesses may choose to sell a limited edition on Facebook or plan a contest or throwaway. Staying in touch with its customers should be the most important for any company. Only then can it engage them and keep them loyal.

Dandelion is a brand that sells eco-friendly baby products. It likes to stay connected with its target audiences via Facebook. The company has chosen to launch several products on Facebook and loves the appreciation and support that it receives from its customers. The Facebook business page has a Giveaway Tab that clearly indicates to fans and visitors that the brand frequently gives away freebies.

Little Debbie is another brand that uses the social network to launch new products and to keep fans excited about them. In 2009 it launched its chocolate cupcakes on facebook.  The business ran a Share-a-Thon Giveaway, and gave away as many as a million cupcakes on the National Cupcake Day to randomly selected Facebook fans. The brand encourages its facebook fans to offer feedback, enjoy a sampling of products that are being considered or in production. The cupcake launch doubled the brand’s fans and the number continues to grow steadily over 2 million. Facebook users can get their Sweet Debbie gear on the brand’s store.

How to Launch a Product on facebook

Create a loyal community: It is vital that a brand encourages and facilitates engagement on its Facebook page. This can be achieved by posting interesting content every other day. Every post need not be about the brand; in fact some should be shared posts. The post should be relevant to the target audiences. By paying close attention to the comments posted by fans, and responding effeiciently, the business can foster a sense of community on its page.

Landing page for product launch: A business can create a facebook page for a product launch or use a tab; either way it has to be designed to garner the required reaction. Designers need to keep in mind that the Facebook bar will outline the design. The design and navigation options should be simple, and the call to action should be clear and well understood.

Reward fans: It is a good idea to reward loyal fans and community members by offering them a never seen sneak preview of the new product. If a company is in the Beta testing phase it can ask fans to volunteer and offer their valuable feedback. Some businesses choose to launch exclusively on Facebook while others may like to use this space to generate excitement and interest customers about the launch.

Geotarget customers: If a product is to be introduced only in a certain area or part of the country it is a good idea to limit marketing to this region too. Businesses can select parameters such as location of the Facebook user before they are ready to publish an advertisement.

Use the tools: Facebook offers businesses plenty of assistance when it comes to planning a product launch on the social commerce site.

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