Facebook Strategies Every Business Must Benefit From

Every few months the Facebook team makes changes to the manner in which the social media site can be used. This essentially means that a business needs to keep up with these changes and use them to the brand’s benefit. However, there are some strategies that need to be kept in mind whenever the marketing and social media managers are planning the company’s social media efforts. Here are some issues that should be addressed and dealt with.

Making content relevant

When planning and developing content for the Facebook page, it is vital that one remembers the 70:20:10 rule. 70% of a business’ posts should be relevant to the brand and its customers, and should be valuable to them. Some brands such as Monster Energy are so popular on facebook because they post content that truly connects the brand with its fans. A perusal of the facebook page reveals that the brand doesn’t post many pictures of its products. Instead it posts pictures that its fans would enjoy and leaves a lasting impression in the form of the signature logo that it adds to its posts.

20% of posts should be shared from other sources, and finally 10% should focus on business promotion. The basic idea here is to make the brand and the Facebook page interesting and to motivate users to visit it often. If content is designed with the 70:20:10 rule it is considered to be appealing to the target audience and likely to elicit a response. It is a good idea to post pictures as Facebook users tend to respond to them far more than posts that don’t include photographs.

Tell a story

There is nothing that helps a business stay connected with its customers like a story does. The story could be about the product or how customers enjoy it. On Facebook, businesses have the opportunity to post videos that tell a story and are capable of encouraging action such as clicking the like or share button.

Customer service

When social media experts talk about using Facebook for customer service, they don’t just talk of how a business responds to queries and complaints in a polite and prompt manner. They also hope that businesses will take the time to read comments posted by fans and customers and respond to them with appropriate information.

For instance, when customers post comments and queries about products on the Avon Facebook page, the brand takes the time to respond to them. It’s no wonder that the customers feel so warmly about their favourite brand. Consumers like to know that brands are interested in them, and the Facebook page is the perfect place to display this.


People like brands that are consistent in their efforts and attitude. They like to know what they can expect from a brand and how it would respond to its customers. This is exactly why Disney has over 49 million fans. The brand posts several times a day and connects effectively with fans of all age groups. Usually the posts feature photographs that encourage action.

Holidays and events

Holidays, events and change in seasons need to be kept in mind when developing Facebook content. Coca Cola hosted the Coke Games around the time when the Sochi Olympics were held. The games were fun and connected well with the customers. Businesses need to pay special attention to the events and holidays that are of interest to their target audiences.

Just having some fun

It’s nice for people to see or read content that makes them smile. It is not surprising that brands such as Skittles create facebook campaigns that are designed to entertain and involve facebook users. The brand’s ‘Best Fan Forever’ encourages customers to post their pictures and stand a chance of becoming the BFF.

Use hashtags

When you place a hashtag in front of a word, it transforms it into a clickable link. This is useful to your business in many ways.  It allows you to attract fans and facebook users who are interested in the subject that has a hashtag before it. In many ways it helps facebook users find the information that they want and it is categorised in an orderly fashion. For instance Home Depot #HDHacks helps customers find interesting information that they can use or have fun with. It also encourages them to share their own ideas and experiences. Fans of the Transformers films can click #GetOreoInTF4 on the Oreo facebook page and choose to view posts that will interest them.

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