Facebook Posts that Get the Maximum Shares

When a business is using Facebook to reach out to its target audiences it hopes to elicit a reaction with its posts. Some of the actions that one may hope to see include likes, comments and shares.

Why do people share on Facebook?

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple, sharing makes them feel good. The New York Times ‘Psychology of Sharing’ revealed interesting insights on human behavior. It summarized that people share because of five primary reasons:

  • To share valuable and relevant content with others.
  • Because the information they share helps define them.
  • To use the information that is shared to stay connected with their friends and loved ones.
  • Sharing the information makes them feel more involved with the world around them.
  • Sharing helps them support a cause or raise an issue that is important to them.

When a business considers the many reasons Facebook users may choose to share a post, it is evident that the post cannot merely be about the business. Well, at least not all the time. Thus, the content of the post will determine the reaction that it is most likely to receive. Here are some tips on creating Facebook posts that will help a business get maximum shares.

Visual Impact

People respond more positively to visual images. And so, it is a good idea to use a photograph with your post. The visual should be capable of garnering an emotional reaction from the viewer. It should also be relevant. Some Facebook photo posts that have received large numbers of shares include the Obama Family Portrait at the White House which encouraged over 70,000 shares and over a million likes.  A picture of a marine saying goodbye to his new born daughter received over 100,000 shares and more than 1 million likes.

Radio Station Nu92’s Facebook post that featured brown paper used to cover notebooks received over a million live and more than 35,000 shares. Quite clearly the image was evocative as well as nostalgic, and hit the right note on the emotional quotient. Businesses should also consider posting videos that would be of interest to its customers based on their demographic profile.

Keep the content simple

People don’t have much time to spend on any given Facebook page, and their attention flits from one piece of information to the next on their timeline. By using posts no longer than 80 characters, brands can improve engagement by 27%. The content needs to be to the point and well worded. It may ask a question, offer a tip, touch on a relevant issue and should have a call to action.

It is important for the social media team for a business to understand issues that are important to its target audiences. For instance, internet security and safety is an issue that is significant to every internet user. By focusing posts on these topics the business is likely to gain more shares and improve engagement on Facebook. Posts regarding a sale or promotional event are of great interest to fans and customers as our interesting tips on how to use the brand’s products effectively. When a brand supports a cause, its efforts should be honest and consistent.

Sometimes it’s Okay to Elaborate: On occasion and when an issue deserves the space it is alright to opt for a longer post of about 450 to 5000 characters. It is imperative the content is relevant and useful.

Call to Action and Follow Through

Experts say that posts that use the word ‘share’, tend to get higher numbers of likes, comments and shares. Once a customer and Facebook user responds to the post with a share or comment it is a good idea for the business to acknowledge the same courteously. 80% of users who receive a response are likely to buy the brand soon after the interaction.

There is a fair amount of research done on when and how Facebook users behave on the social network. For instance, according to a survey conducted by RadiumOne the peak sharing time on Facebook is between ten in the morning and noon, and then again for two hours after eight in the evening.  The best time for sharing posts varies from one social media channel to another. On Facebook it is determined to be at five in the evening.

It is important for a brand to post based on the time when its target audience uses the social media site. In order for it to inspire the correct reaction the content and design of the post should be well thought through.

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