How Social Media is Redefining Direct Selling

When you think of direct selling the Avon lady or a Tupperware party may come to mind. The concept of direct selling is as old as commerce itself.  In fact, it is direct selling that has led the growth in industry and commerce. A few decades back direct selling usually referred to sales people moving from door-to-door selling their wares, or perhaps organizing a festive gathering to achieve the same result. Today, social commerce is a rich and versatile platform for direct sellers. They can showcase their products on a Facebook store and let shoppers to buy while they are on the social network.


Social commerce encourages companies to take their business to the customers on their favored social media site. In essence, instead of setting up shop at the market place, or even a virtual one, they take their store to their target audiences.  Any good direct seller will tell you that the key to a great career lies in networking. Every time a sale is successfully completed, the customer should be satisfied enough to recommend the brand or product to their friends. Each sale leads to another, and so on. There are a number of interesting ways that entrepreneurs are selling on Facebook and here is a look at some of them.

Promoting offers and deals on the Facebook page

Some businesses such as Renada by Faith Cosmetics choose to use their Facebook page to stay connected with their audiences and keep them informed about new products and offers. They encourage them to shop at their website or online store. The events tab is used to promote upcoming events in the real as well as virtual world. This approach requires the customer to leave the social media site in order to shop for the products that they may be interested in.

Got What it Cakes is recognized as one of the many Facebook business stories that are redefining how business owners look at direct selling. The business set up its Facebook page in order to create brand recognition amongst customers in the local area. The entrepreneur offers customers specialized cakes, customized to their needs. Got What it Cakes sales went up exponentially and finally led to the brand opening a brick and mortar store.  The North Carolina cake shop keeps its audiences tantalized and tempted with daily posts that include pictures of delicious cakes.

Auction on Facebook

A growing number of small businesses and startups are choosing to hold auctions on their Facebook page. On a pre-decided date and time the auction is held by posting pictures of the products. Customers send in their response in the form of comments and after the auction is closed the orders are processed. Both Smoked by StellyBelly  and Accessory Concierge  hold auctions twice a week and quite clearly its customers can’t get enough. Though it’d be nice if customers could buy products at anytime they wanted to. They would be able to do so if the businesses had Facebook stores.1

Selling through customized Facebook stores

If you have something to sell, then your business should have a Facebook store. This is the basic premise for direct selling in the contemporary world. We’ve Labels is a business that sells, you guessed it, labels. Customers can buy labels for clothing and can order them conveniently on the Facebook page. Sweet Blossom Gifts specializes in personalized jewelry and gifts for loved ones. The brand runs regular contests that require customers to comment or share a picture, and a coveted Sweet Blossom Gifts product is given away. The business’ Facebook shop is a great place to see all the products that it offers and shop for them.

Direct selling on Facebook

Selling in the modern world is not unlike selling in any other period in history. Trust and quality are the two key words on the basis of which customers choose products. From time immemorial people have trusted the opinions and recommendations of their friends and other customers. Now they tend to ask their friends on Facebook or check out a brand’s Facebook page to find out what customers are saying about it. Direct selling on social commerce sites is all about connecting with one’s audiences. Interesting and relevant content improves engagement, and courteous and prompt customer service guarantees you customers for life. A Facebook shop is the perfect place to showcase your products and sell them.

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