Why Facebook International User Growth is Important for Businesses

Why does it matter that Facebook is growing exponentially across the world? Why does it matter that people across the globe use this social media platform to make sense of their world? It matters, because the crux of good business is to understand customers and give them what they want; an honest brand that genuinely cares about them. It is not surprising that people buy brands that they like as opposed to those they don’t relate to well.

Whether it is a business based in the USA, Sweden, Australia or Singapore, it is successful on Facebook only if its interactions are judged to be authentic and genuine. Customers are more willing to reach out and interact with brands now than they have been ever before.

Here is a look at the worldwide users of the social media site:

  • The total number of Daily Active Users (DAU) worldwide in December 2010 was 327 million. In December 2011 the numbers rose to 483 million. In December of 2013 the DAU increased to 757 million.
  • One can look at the numbers for different regions such as for Europe, Asia, US and Canada. These numbers are especially important for businesses in these regions and also for companies that are marketing to customers in these regions.
  • Whilst earlier researchers had only access to Facebook numbers for regions, its e-magazine ‘The Annual’ for 2013 offered country specific data too. For instance Germany had 19 million DAU and 25 million Monthly Active Users (MAU). In France 63% of internet users said they had Facebook accounts and this accounted for 18 million DAU.
  • Italian businesses need to pay attention to the 17 million DAU on Facebook. This accounts for 71% of all the internet users in the country. Sweden had 3.8 million DAU, while Turkey had 19 million DAU. In Israel there are over 2.7 million DAU.

Businesses are an essential part of any society. Today, the global markets are closer than ever before, and an economic ripple in one part of the world has impact on countries that may be separated by thousands of miles of land and sea. Whether a business has a local or a global marketing outlook it needs to understand that social media binds people like no other platform does. Customers are listening to each other, and place opinions and recommendations high above well worded and extensive product descriptions.


Social Media Connects Brands with Customers

Big businesses such as P&G have separate Facebook pages for different regions and brands. For instance, Ariel has a page for its customers in Mexico, UK and Ireland, South Africa and India. Each page addresses and connects with the audiences in the countries. Maybelline too has several Facebook pages that help it engage target audiences across the globe. These include pages such as Maybelline New YorkAustralia, Singapore and Canada. The Facebook pages offer the brands a close look at their target audiences and help them identify issues that are important to them. This in turn assists in designing posts that are likely to get a  positive action and in the long run increase sales.

Businesses Connect

Facebook has become an immensely popular social media platform for internet users worldwide. Businesses have recognized the importance of Facebook to their marketing and customer service, and a majority use business pages actively. Facebook also helps companies identify firms and entrepreneurs in different parts of the world that they may wish to do business with. A small local crafts business could connect with a marketer overseas and discover a target audience that it may not have considered or focused on before.

Examples to Emulate

There are plenty of businesses, big and small, that use social media with creativity and engage their customers in wonderful ways. Facebook stores sell products and services to customers across the world. The storefront is a great way to show the world the products that the business wishes to showcase. Alyssandra is a Singapore based business that offers chic office wear for women. The brand is very popular and the Facebook shop is a great place for customers to shop. Alyssandra offers customers glimpses of its great collection with its Facebook posts. They are also offered exclusive discounts that make shopping exciting and fun. Companies can take a leaf out of the social media strategy of businesses such as Alyssandra that are known to use the medium well.

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