Shopper Psychology: How Design Can Influence Sales

Online shopping is slowly becoming a habit, an addiction, and even a way of life! We shop online at the drop of the hat these days. Be it shoes or bags; clothes or electronics, online stores are becoming a one stop shop for shoppers. Online shopping is synonymous with ease of use and brings in substantial revenue but with fierce competition, there must be something done to set your online store apart right? The basic design of your online store plays a crucial role in reeling in customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Here are top five aspects of your webstore’s design that influence sales in your shop:

  • Theme colorColor psychology is definitely not new to commerce, online or otherwise. People tend to alter their choices in accordance with colors. For example, red makes your heart beat a little faster and hence it is of the top choice of website designers. It is generally apt for clearance sales and for food delivery websites. Websites dealing with finance tend to use green more prominently as the color is associated with health and prosperity. And for real estate sites, orange works the best as it represents light and full of energy.
  • User-friendly features – An online shopper may or may not be web-savvy and might end up getting lost if the website is complex and an ordeal to navigate. So it’s a best practice to keep the site as easy and as user friendly as possible. Make sure to keep your audience in mind–while, for example, a tech-savvy audience will benefit from QR code functionality, the general web-browsing public may only end up confused. The Site design and layout should facilitate buying at all points. If the website is complex and difficult to navigate, the user may get dissuaded and drop out or abandon cart.
  • Background image and color – Revenue from an online business can increase ten-fold if its website sports a great background image. The basic background color also plays an important role – the color blue lends an element of trust and security to the website. The best color to motivate users to sign up for newsletters and take on sales offers is orange.
  • Powerful words – A customer may not read everything that you put on your website online. The human brain searches for power words, which enable them to make decisions. Your website traffic can increase by over 52 percent just by placing a “Sale” banner prominently. Also, over 60 percent of the customers feel more comfortable buying a product if they see the word “guaranteed” written against a product.
  • Create urgencies – A customer is more likely to book a hotel room if the website displays “only 1 room left” or more likely to complete his or her purchase for a clothing item online if the shopping cart says “limited stocks”. These keywords create a sense of urgency and fuel the buying desire in the consumer. It creates a sense of loss if the product runs out of stock or the offer ends which is a great motivator. Retailers take full advantage of consumer psychology and use it to increase sales.

In conclusion, a well strategized website design can work in the favor of the business. Pay attention to the colors used, for they play on the subconscious of the visitors. At the same time, don’t forget to focus on the content with powerful keywords that help conversions.

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