Top Fashion and Beauty Brands on Facebook

Fashion and beauty brands have been pretty slow when it comes to using social media to engage and interact with their customers. This is quite surprising considering that millions of their customers log into their Facebook accounts every day. This industry accounts for some of the most beautiful photographs used for marketing campaigns and have an excellent effect on their target audiences. If you don’t believe that just consider the number of celebrities that endorse the top fashion and beauty brands.

While earlier research indicated that the manner in which beauty brands used their Facebook pages was pretty dismal. They rarely updated their pages and often customers would find expired coupons and offers still posted on the pages. Things have taken a turn for the better. Bata, Head & Shoulders and Old Spice are some of the brands that have the highest engagement rates on Facebook. These brands have a consistent tone during their interaction with target audiences over various channels including social media.

Bata often posts pictures from its collections. The brand usually adds details of product pricing, thereby encouraging customers to take their interest in a product to the next level. Bata occasionally posts some wonderful retro pictures. The brand also focuses its Facebook efforts on regional markets and uses #Batashoes rather well.

 ‘Fan’tastic Brands

When one considers the brands that have the highest fan following, Converse leads the way. The brand loves this social media channel and shows a preference for it over others. It keeps customers updated on everything new at Converse. And the fans just love it! Not only do they enjoy sharing their customized Converse photographs on its Facebook page but also respond warmly to similar pictures posted by other fans. The business has truly been able to foster a sense of community on this space. This is also why it has some of the best engagement numbers on the social network.


The November 2014 SocialBakers Industry Social Marketing Report states that the average post response rate was 37% and average post engagement rate was .47%. The report also looked at some of the top Facebook posts for this industry. People love it when brands design posts that are relevant, fun and exciting.

While Tiffany & Co received an excellent response for its post featuring some beautiful, sparkling rings with a magical, wintery background. Folks also like it when brands share exclusive pictures and details with them. This is something that Louis Vuitton is well known for. In November 2014 it shared the Celebrating Monogram Portrait Studio with its fans.

Benefit is one of the Top UK beauty brands and uses its Facebook page with attitude and aplomb. When it comes to its Facebook posts, the brand uses its cheeky and fun packaging as inspiration. This makes it immensely popular with its customers, who love to interact with the brand on its Facebook page. To announce the launch of its Curl’s Best Friend, the brand set up a retro beauty parlor for a month. Fans can make their appointments online and enjoy hours of Benefit pampering. The brand is consistent when it comes to the manner in which it responds to comments and queries. It is as popular in the US as it in UK.

They Do it Differently

Some brands like to do things differently. While social media experts suggest that businesses create Facebook posts that include a call to action, Chanel doesn’t quite follow the same. A look at the brand’s Facebook page reveals that it posts photographs that focus on the imagery, and make a quiet, yet bold statement. The brand doesn’t make a strenuous effort to interact with its fans but prefers to use social media to simply stay connected with them.

Avon is a cosmetic brand that is well known for its products as it is for its representatives. It uses its basic business philosophy of representatives connecting directly with customers on Facebook too. The brand has a ‘Become a Rep’ and ‘Rep Insider’ app. It also helps customers find a representative closest to their location.

Some other brands that have a strong and loyal fan following on Facebook include Victoria’s Secret, Dove, Adidas Originals and Zara. These are brands that have a distinct brand image that they uphold and reinforce on social media, time and again. People like to interact with the brands on their Facebook pages because of a rather simple and important reason, they like them.

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