How Local Businesses are Using Facebook to Connect with Customers

Facebook is for any entrepreneur and business that wishes to reach out to its existing and target audiences on the social media site. Business owners know that the best place to create and maintain rapport with their customers is the virtual space that they frequent regularly. Across the globe, millions of people log into their Facebook account daily. In fact, there are lots of users who check their timeline even before they brush their teeth in the morning!

There are a lot of local businesses that are choosing to use Facebook to connect with their customers. They understand that every contact that they make with their customers isn’t to sell products but to make a genuine connection with them. It is imperative for businesses to remain true to their core ethics and reflect the same tone and attitude on their Facebook page.

Restaurants, hobby shops, grocery stores and many other retailers use their Facebook page to reach out to a limited audience. They don’t wish to reach out to people across the state or country but only to those in their area. Since Facebook makes it easy to define the demographic profile of users who will view a post or an advertisement, it is very useful to local businesses. Poppa Rollo’s Pizza in Waco, Texas has over 7000 likes and more than 23000 visits. The business is a great example to refer to when one is considering promoting a local business on Facebook. Here are some key points to notice and bear in mind:

  • The cover photo features the brand’s logo, and confirms that customers are indeed on the right page. The profile picture is of a mouth watering pizza. Yum!
  • The About section is clearly visible on the left hand side of the page. It features a map that identifies the location of the pizzeria. The business clearly states its phone number and working hours. It also adds its menu to this section. This makes it rather simple for a customer to refer to and order from Poppa Rollo’s Pizza while they are chatting with friends on Facebook.
  • The brand posts daily on the social network and most posts feature a photograph. What is interesting to note is that not every post is about selling a product but more about sharing with customers and eliciting a response.
  • The brand has a section on the left hand side that features reviews by customers. It has received 4.6 of 5 stars. What is interesting is that the business has not removed or deleted reviews that are less than satisfactory and seems to genuinely cares about what patrons think about the business.

The Astor Row Café along with many other local and small businesses also follow a similar approach toward interacting with patrons on Facebook. The co-owner of Astor Row Café, Emmanuel Peña, says that it is important that employees are also engaged in the brand’s Facebook promotion. They can mention the business’ Facebook page to customers and one could also have a sign prominently place in the store, which sends out the same message. This is especially valuable for restaurants and cafes that offer free wi-fi.

The Facebook page for The Yarn Company is a visual delight. Like the other businesses it uses the ‘About’ and ‘Reviews’ sections very well. However, what truly stands out on the brand’s page is the impact it creates with its photographs. It’s not surprising that when the business posts a picture, not only do fans click on ‘like’, they also feel compelled to share it with their friends. This is an excellent way to increase the number of customers that a business can reach out to. The brand also sells its products on its Facebook store.


It is a good idea for businesses to check out what its competitors Facebook pages look like. Thereafter, it is important that they also look at how small and local businesses are successfully using the social media site. It is important that brands use the many Facebook tools that are available in order to ensure that posts receive the attention they deserve. Quality content is a great way of ensuring that customers visit a Facebook page frequently. Experts suggest that at least 50% of the posts should send the viewers back to the business’ blog.

A brand can create and post and offer, and boost it on facebook. With an investment of a few dollars it can ensure that the offer is viewed by the section of the audience that it wants to focus upon. Facebook ads also help create ads that are likely to have the maximum impact.

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