Is Your Brand Socially Devoted?

Many business managers wonder if being socially devoted is important for their company, and what it means to its customers. The answer is pretty simple; to be socially devoted a brand has to keep a two way communication channel open with its customers. It has to respond to queries and complaints and finally, it has to do so in a timely manner. For a long time, business managers limited marketing efforts to bombarding their customers with advertisements. Today, it is clear that customers are interested in brands that are interested in them. If customers like a brand they will buy it, or else they’d rather pass on an offer.

In recent years, researchers and marketing experts have started laying stress on the importance of social devotion. This refers to how well or how badly a business uses social media to devote itself to the service of its customers. More and more internet users are choosing to use their social media accounts to contact brands. If a brand doesn’t respond as expected then the business can expect to lose customers, quickly.

A brand’s socially devoted ranking indicates its social customer service. Social Bakers state that devoted brands respond to at least 65% of user questions in every quarter. A look at the Quarter 4 results for 2014 indicates that in terms of industries, airlines (85.3% response rate), telecom (83.7%) and finance (80%) lead the way. It has been found that socially devoted brands receive three times more interactions than those brands that are not socially devoted. Quite clearly, being socially devoted is of significance when it comes to engagement on the Facebook page.

Socially Devoted on Facebook and Twitter

KLM tops the list of socially devoted brands on Facebook. It has a response time of 99 minutes and a response rate of 99.06%. It is followed by Robiaxiata Limited of Bangladesh, which has a response time of 20 minutes and response rate of 98.97%.


When it comes to customer service, KLM is an excellent example for any business to follow. The company has a Response Time app on its Facebook page that informs customers of the time that would be required for a question to be answered. The company offers response in 10 languages at any time of the day and night. The airline also has a Flight Status app that allows travelers to effortlessly check arrival and departure details. Travelers can also book a trip through the Facebook app.

On Twitter, the Airlines, Telecom and Services industries are the most socially devoted. Telkomcel Indonesia, STC Saudi Arabia and ASOS Here to Help United Kingdom are the brands to look at when it comes to social devotion on Twitter.

What are Brands Doing Wrong?

Social devotion is powerful in its impact on interactions with customers. Considering that, more and more brands should be using social media to create and maintain a dynamic two way communication channel with their customers. However, sadly this is not true. Ferrari and Mercedes Benz have millions of fans on Facebook but neither brand responds to customer queries on their pages. The same is true of many other comapnies. Statistics show that 70% queries that businesses receive through social media are unattended and neglected. Many brands like McDonalds, Skype and British Airways have a closed wall on Facebook.

How to Become Socially Devoted?

The first thing that a business needs to do in order to become socially devoted is to understand how important it is to keep channels of communication open with its customers. A successful business doesn’t just look at adding new customers to its lists but also at retaining existing customers. Strengthening customer loyalty is directly proportional to how socially devoted a brand is.

Companies must utilize social media accounts not only to communicate with their target audiences but also to listen to them and acknowledge their interactions. This would include having an open Facebook wall and responding to customer queries. While the average industry response rate is 30%, it should be no less than 65%. Brands have to take the time to respond to their customers and this response should be well-timed. Businesses that do respond to their customers take about a day to do so. However, it is important that this time period be brought down to as little as 10-30 minutes. Customer service on social media sites can be offered 24 X 7. This makes Facebook and Twitter accounts immensely important to companies.

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