Why Social Media Marketing is Important for All Businesses

This is truly the age of information and technology. It is estimated that an average person views thousands of advertisements every day. From television, newspapers and leaflets to buses, buildings and parking spots, it is difficult to escape advertisements. Each vies for the customer’s attention and interest. However, very few actually manage to gain the few seconds of attention that may lead to a sale. Social media marketing is important for all businesses, irrespective of their industry and size.

Facebook is the preferred online destination of billions of internet users across the world. This means that internationally as well as regionally, customers and audiences use the social media site on a regular basis. Not only do they pay attention to what their friends post but also keep a track of the latest trends and are curious to know about products offered by their preferred brands.

With traditional advertising and marketing channels brands cannot choose a target audience for their advertisements. This is not true with social media marketing. Creating ads on Facebook is so easy and reasonable in terms of cost, it is a viable option for all businesses. A business can choose a specific demographic group based on their location, age, gender, interest and many other factors. Targeted marketing ensures that the ad is viewed by an audience that is likely to respond to it, and also share the news with their friends.

Statistics to Consider

In 2014 in a survey conducted by Hubspot 92% businesses said that social media marketing was important to them, while 80% conceded that it had led to an increase in traffic to their online stores. The survey also revealed that 84% marketing managers found that investing six hours every week towards social media marketing improved traffic to their stores.

Better Customer Experience

One of the best things about social media marketing is that it is not limited to an advertisement or a promotion.  When a customer is interested in a product or a brand they are likely to visit its Facebook page. Here they might find customers discussing a product, and would benefit from this interaction. Some brands support communities where customers can discuss issues that are close to their heart. From problems such as how to get stains of a shirt to the post sales services offered by a business, a customer can gain a wide and rich customer experience.

Better Customer Insight

People like brands that listen to them. What better channel can a business choose to listen to its target audience, but social media? Companies gain an up close look at issues that are important to their customers. They can gauge whether they are ready to try a new product or may resist the idea. Social listening has become an essential aspect of any business’ marketing technique. Without it brands may be losing their edge to a competitor that is a better social listener.

The Time is Now

It is critical that business understand that it takes time and effort to cultivate a level of engagement wherein customers are comfortable interacting with a brand. A large section of businesses are using social media marketing effectively and without it your business may be losing out on potential customers and sales.  Social media, and its impact on customers, is here to stay. The longer a business waits to use this platform to its benefit, the more it loses out.



The ROI with social media marketing is excellent. Facebook advertising is much cheaper than traditional marketing and Google AdWords, and helps a brand target its audience. The interesting part about social media marketing is that if an advertisement is well designed, placed and the offer is well selected, then the marketing may have a viral effect. It is possible that with an advertisement campaign a business is able to reach out to more than just the audience it focused on. This is because of the social nature of social media. If a Facebook or Twitter user finds an offer irresistible, they are likely to share it with friends. When they have a great experience with a brand they are likely to use


Customers and Businesses

Social media is a unique place for businesses to discover customers they may not have focused on, until now. Similarly it also offers customers a wonderful way to discover brands that they may not have heard of, but are sure to love.  By following specific keywords on Twitter, a business can identify new customers.  Big and small brands have used social media sites like Facebook to increase their advertising reach and to identify customer groups that may have gone unnoticed before.

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