Top Facebook Ads and Why they Work

Advertising has undergone a dramatic change in the last decade or so. Research indicates that today ads on Facebook garner more attention and inspire more emotional engagement than those on the television or on a business website.

Some of the top Facebook ads that have captured the imagination of the customers and have an excellent click through rate include a Nature Box Facebook ad. The picture focuses on several healthy and delicious snacks that the brand offers. The colours of the foods makes the visual interesting, as does the offer that goes with. The brand offers free samples of five products, only at $7.95, the cost of the shipping.

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Multi-picture advertisements have an interesting visual impact. There are many businesses that are trying this approach and love the results. Starbucks and Jasper’s Market use this technique rather well. This kind of an ad offers a business several advantages. Firstly, you can focus on several products and not just one. And secondly, you can set an ambiance that you think will attract the customer and encourage them to click on an offer. Also, it is possible to present more than one offer.

Facebook offers businesses plenty of tools to create the best ad campaigns. The carousel format ad allows them to use several visuals and texts and links in one ad.  It makes the ad more dynamic, and the change in the visuals tends to attract attention.

Many brands find that a boosted post can also generate a lot of interest. As it is created like any other Facebook post, the restrictions that Ads Manager may place are not an issue. Space Walk of Gatesville created a boosted post that cost the business $20. The post reached out to more than 4500 people and generated business worth $2400. The manner in which a business can create a Facebook ad and drum up interest in the brand is as versatile as the number of businesses that use the social media platform to reach out to customers.

How to Create an Awesome Facebook Ad

There are four very important issues that will decide the fate of your Facebook advertisement. The first and most important aspect is its relevance. If your Ad is not relevant to your target audience they will not click on it. This makes it essential for your marketing team to choose issues that are relevant to the customers. Facebook places great emphasis on this factor. And accordingly it offers businesses the chance to assess the relevance score of their Facebook ad even before they run it. This can help your marketing team fine tune the advertisement and optimize impact.

Experts suggest that businesses create ads based on the persona of the customers that they are addressing. Thus, it is smart for a company to create different ads that will focus on different types of customers. An ad designed by a B2B company and one for a B2C enterprise will be unique and quite different. This is quite simply because the audience that the ad will address will be very different.

90% of the information that the brain processes is visual. We react and respond to visuals faster than we do to written text. This makes the visual used in the Facebook Ad, a very important component. An advertisement should appeal to both the rational as well as emotional side of your customers. While the visual reaches for an emotional response the text should be of interest to the rational side.

The advertisement should be worthy of your customers and the offers should be tempting enough for them to click on. You may like to add information about social proof such as to mention the number of customers the business has. Fear is also a great motivating factor. People don’t want to miss out on a great offer or saving. Finally, the call to action should be clear and direct.

Interestingly, a research study by Refinery29 summarized that an advertisement campaign that created a ‘funnel’ that informed customers about a brand had a better impact than a single ad that had a clear call to action. Quality of content and relevance were the two most important factors that contributed to the success of the ‘funnel’ campaign. This strategy is perhaps more significant for start-ups or small businesses that are looking to expand. A great way to reach out to more and more customers who are likely to be interested in your brand, is by creating Lookalike Audience.

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