Top 5 Facebook Marketing Questions Every Business Needs Answered

Facebook is acknowledged as the best way to reach out to customers across the world. While some businesses do a great job at Facebook marketing, others straggle along. There are some basic and vital questions that every business needs answered. Here’s a look at some of them.

Can I change the name? While Shakespeare believed that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, on the internet a lot of value is put into the name. After all your target audiences will identify the business by its name. When a company is setting up its Facebook page it needs to spend some time understanding the policies and conditions that go with creating a business page.

Unfortunately, a number of enterprises skip this process and may end up with a less than satisfactory name for their page. Now, the important question that arises is if you can change the name. If the page has less than 200 fans this can be done easily. Go to the ‘About’ section on your Facebook business page, click on ‘Page Info’ on the left column. Take your mouse over the ‘Name’, select ‘Edit’, make and save the change.


However. for those with more fans the answer is not always as simple. Usually you would be given one opportunity to change the name. This makes it important for the marketing team to brainstorm over the choice. Remember, it will be difficult and sometimes impossible to make another change, so do choose wisely. Make sure the name isn’t too long or ambiguous. The first word in the name is of utmost importance to Google and to your prospective customers, and should be treated as such. Try to ensure that the name is short enough to appear on a Facebook ad.

Why is the URL important? The Uniform Resource Locator or URL is the address of a page, and also referred to as username. It is used by internet users to search for a page. It is vital that it is short and specific, this makes it easier to remember. A business can change its Facebook URL only once, so make it count. It can be alphanumeric and you can use capital letters to emphasize on the words like When a Facebook user types the URL it is not necessary for them to use capital letters.

How can I SEO my page? One of the most effective ways of improving SEO of your page is by using the Facebook Notes well. Every time a business adds a note it is considered as a new page by Google. The title of your note should include keywords related to your business. The meta data gathered from your note will include the Facebook page name and the title of your note. Facebook Notes is an excellent place to offer detailed information about events and special offers. Ben & Jerry’s does an excellent job with the Notes section. It often uses it to post details of contests that it runs. The business also sells its product line on its Facebook storefront.

How do I enable Ratings & Reviews? To enable the Ratings & Reviews feature for your page it has to be categorized as a local business with a physical location. By default this feature is enable and can be modified to the requirements of the business. People are strongly affected by what other customers say about a business. Reviews are a great way to connect with your customers and also to encourage new customers to give your business a chance.

Why should I add a video in the About section? It’s a good idea to add a video to the ‘About’ section of your business page. This will appear on your timeline and is placed rather prominently. This helps it gain the attention of the visitors to your page. If you haven’t done it as yet, you will need to first add videos to your page, and thereafter choose the ‘Add Featured Video’ option. This video will be easily accessible to your customers on the About section on your timeline.

You can use it to focus on what your business is all about. It can be updated regularly and will be something that customers can look forward to when they visit the page. One can add a call to action, URL and description with the video. When you wish change the Featured Video, simply click on the ‘Don’t feature this video’ option that appears with it and then add the new video.

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