Why Employees Should be an Integral Part of Social Media Campaign

Creating and curating fresh and relevant content for your business’ social media account is not an easy task. That is unless you are willing to make your employees an integral part of your social media campaign. They say that a chain is as strong as its weakest link, and to be honest in the cut throat business world of today, you need your team to be strong and supportive. This is why it is a great idea to involve your employees in the brand’s social media efforts. You’ll find that some take to this initiative better than others, and that is just fine. Employees shouldn’t be forced to participate on social media if it doesn’t some naturally to them. It is important for business managers to focus on the strengths of the individual members of the team and utilize them accordingly.

Some Brands that are Doing it Right

There are some businesses that do an outstanding job of including their employees in their social media initiatives. And there is a lot you can learn from them. Zappos, the online fashion retailer is known for its excellent work culture. The business likes to keep its focus on the members in its team rather than focus only on the numbers. It’s not surprising that Zappos employees are a happy bunch and they love their work. And best of all they like to share their passion and excitement for their job with others on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Your employees too, could be your best brand ambassadors.

The business uses its #InsideZappos for Tweetchat that employees, their friends and customers can access easily. It’s encouraging to see how comfortable the brand is about employees sharing their thoughts and ideas. They are also taught how to use social media effectively to connect with customers. And employees are known to frequently tag their posts with #Zapponians and #ZapposCulture.


When G Michael Salon was chosen as one of the top 200 salons in the United States it tagged its employees on social posts related to the achievement. When a business places emphasis on its workers and takes pride in their skills and abilities, it greatly improves customer confidence in the brand. G Michael Salon is known to document the terrific work done by its stylists and for sharing such posts with customers. This also makes employees feel appreciated. The salon also posts updates about its employees’ professional and personal achievements. It is able to reach out to a larger audience by also showing interest in their social commitments.

How Important are Your Employees?

Martin Jones of Cox Business states that having 3-400 employees can generate a similar organic reach as a Facebook page with 1 million fans. Your employees can increase your customer base greatly and influence them too. Social commerce is as much about the trust that a business builds with its customers as it is about sales.

It’s a good idea to schedule a weekly social media brainstorming session. You are likely to identify some important issues and devise versatile ways of addressing them. This is a great way to plan content, contests and events. When you think of content you need to broaden your horizon and include social media updates, blogs and videos. It is vital that team leaders are able to identify the strengths of their team mates. For instance if an employee is particularly great with customer service, it’s a great idea to include them in your social media customer service strategy.

On the other hand, you may find some employees have great technical skills and may be excellent at explaining product details on a video. If your business sells fashion accessories you can choose an employee who loves to accessorize and let him or her offer tips on the same. Employees need to be given a reason to dedicate themselves to the brand’s social media efforts. And so, should be rewarded accordingly.

Importance of Social Media Policy

Now that you are convinced that it is important to make employees an integral part of your social media efforts here are some important pointers to be kept in mind:

  • Your business must have a well-defined social media policy that all employees are aware of. Basic business etiquette and manners should never be disregarded, irrespective of how informal the platform may seem.
  • Social media training should be provided to all employees to make them aware of the advantages and pitfalls of using this medium of interaction.

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