Facebook Marketing Success Stories

If one were to look at the biggest and brightest Facebook marketing success stories you will find a common thread that links them. This is despite the fact that these brands belong to diverse industries with clientele from varying demographic groups. The common factor that they share is that they are true to their brand identity and the value that they bring to the lives of their customers. Let’s have a look at how some businesses are using Facebook to market their brands in the most wonderful ways.

Delicious, Perceptive, Understanding, Inclusive

Wendy’s Pretzel Cheeseburger Love Songs, was truly inspired. When the brand decided to launch the product it decided to focus its marketing on user generated social media feedback. They took tweets and created love songs dedicated to the Cheeseburger. With 7.5 million Facebook likes and 1.7 billion media impressions, this was the most successful marketing campaign that the company has had in its 44 year old history.


If it is Oreo, then you are assured that the post is delicious as well as engaging. Whether the brand shares yummy recipes that include Oreo as the key ingredient or they focus on how delightful a place the brand holds in the lives of its customers, Facebook posts are engaging. This is also why every time the brand posts on its Facebook page, fans respond warmly and share their thoughts and ideas freely. The company uses its social media space to market as well as interact with its customers. Oreo also uses hashtags rather well and curates customer pictures and posts efficiently. A key learning from this brand is that every post, picture and video must tell a story, set an ambience, which the viewer is unlikely to forget for a while.

Starbucks is on the top 10 list of brands that use social media effectively. It posts regularly on it Facebook page. The business focuses on its products and how they make their customers feel. Emotion seems to be the keyword when it comes to Starbucks marketing techniques. It often posts unusual and interesting content bound to hold the viewer’s attention. Its theme based posts, such as those for the holidays or the changing seasons, deserve special mention.

When it comes to relating to its customers, for the longest time now Dove has stood tall amongst its peers. The brand is well known for its advertising and marketing campaigns that focus on the consumer and not entirely on its products. With each of its campaigns Dove has chosen to highlight issues that are close to the hearts of its fans and followers.

It encourages them to share their stories and tag Dove posts. The Facebook About section focuses on helping “all women realise their personal beauty potential”. The brand strikes the right chord every time it reaches out to its customers on Facebook and other marketing mediums. Take a page from Dove’s marketing strategy book and use social media to inspire your customers.  Your Facebook page should offer a positive experience that they would like to repeat time and again.


If you think that Facebook marketing is the domain of the bigger brands then you are likely to be pleasantly surprised. Lolly Wolly Doodle has become virtually synonymous with social commerce. The business began as one woman’s dream to offer her kids some stylish, comfortable clothing and has since grown into a million dollar business. The marketing strategy is simple. The business posts pictures of the clothing it wishes to sell, the customers respond by posting details for their order. The invoices are sent through email and then processed via PayPal. How has this business made a thunderous success of social commerce where others have failed? The answer is simple; it listens to its customers and gives them clothing in designs and styles they are sure to love.  The Lolly Wolly Doodle marketing strategy is not limited to its warm interaction with its customers on its Facebook page and website, but also includes pictures of happy and satisfied pictures.

Stella & Dot is a jewellery company that focuses on network marketing. They use their Facebook page to promote their products and offers. The brand is especially proficient in cross promoting across various social media platforms. This ensures that it gets its message across consistently and clearly. It also addresses its stylists and encourages customers to also join the network. The brand uses its Events tab to help stylists and customers stay informed. Its special offers are carefully crafted in order to get maximum response and to push up sales.

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