Creating Multi Product Ads for your Facebook Page

When a brand creates an advertisement it does so with the aim to send a message to its customers, and to push up sales. Usually an ad focuses on the brand image, a product and its place in the customer’s life. Imagine if a single ad could create a setting that would make it easier for the customer to visualize the products in their life. This will create more interest in them and are likely to improve sales. Furthermore, a multi-product ad would also inform the viewers of the wide range of products on offer at a store.

Facebook, is of course, the best place for you to place an advertisement. It is frequented by millions of internet users on a daily basis. Your Facebook ad can be designed to target a specific audience. So, it is possible for a business to create several ads that will target different sections of its target audience.

Understanding Multi Product Facebook Ads

Facebook launched its carousel style news feed ad this year. It allows a company to use three to five images in the same ad. While the ad has a common heading, each picture also has its own description and link. This essentially means that when a customer clicks on one of an image they will be directed to the specific landing page.

This type of ad can be used on desktop as well as mobile news feed. While on desktop Facebook users can use the arrow options to move from one picture to another, in the mobile version they can swipe through the images.

It is capable of increasing interest in an ad by three times and reducing the cost of the advertising campaign. It can be used to tell a story and to establish a great connection with the customers. Facebook developers have also created Dynamic product optimization. This additional feature will let a business upload a set of pictures for an ad, and Facebook will select those that will offer the best performance.

The Multi Product Ad Advantage

There are many advantages that the carousel ad offers businesses. The most important of course is that the customer has several options to choose from. Basic marketing research indicates that people love to have a choice to select from. So when they see an ad they would also like to know what else they can buy or do with a product.


The human mind responds quickly and effectively to a visual image as compared to text. Thus, when the ad displays several product options it is able to take in more information and use it in a better manner as compared to a written message. For instance if the multi product ad belongs to a service such as Sky TV, then based on their interests, viewers would respond to the options before them. The different products featured may also present different offers. This accordingly improves the strength of the advertisement and its impact on the viewers.

Pura Vida Bracelets used Facebook carousel multi product ads to reach out to a wider audience. The business quadrupled its orders for handmade bracelets in just two months, May-July 2015. That’s not all, it also reported a 70% increase in conversion rate. This means that it had more customers who went from merely liking the brand’s products to actually checking out with their shopping. Finally, Pura Vida Bracelets also found that it had managed to lower the cost per acquisition.


Jasper’s market does an excellent job with multi product Facebook ads. The brand focuses on key issues such as locally sourced produce, premium ingredients and high quality products. Some others businesses that have had remarkable success with these ads include home décor brand JewelScent. The business is known for the hidden jewels in its candles, soaps and fragrance beads. Its ROI on carousel ads was tripled. When the brand targeted visitors to its website, it received a 5X ROI.  Also the brand found that multi-product carousel ads have a lower cost-per-click as compared with link ads.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The multi-product ad must be designed for a specific target audience. Focus on the categories that interest them the most.
  • It should focus on the top 3-5 products that a brand offers.
  • Use Dynamic Product Optimization to get the most out of a single ad.
  • Can be used to promote content such as blog posts that link back to products.

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