Does Your Business Use Facebook Video Cards?

Communication is the cornerstone of all human interaction. The better you are at communicating, the higher the chances of success in your personal as well as professional life. The importance of communication is not limited to individuals, but extends to companies and corporations too. After all, an enterprise is nothing but a group of individuals. So, the basic rules of communication also stand true for businesses.

It is important for a brand to take the time and effort to connect well with its partners, employees and it customers. The Facebook Video Card can be used in versatile ways to communicate a message and to express the business’ appreciation.

Say Thanks!

The Say Thanks Facebook video card allows users to express their gratitude and appreciation and send out a friend or contact a greeting. It is useful not only for individuals, but for businesses too. When you click on the Say Thanks link you have a choice of selecting a theme, editing posts and pictures that may be included in the video card. Since its inception in November 2014, users have freely and happily used this Facebook feature. In fact, at its peak, a whopping 3.3 million Say Thanks cards were sent out in a single hour. When a video card is ready, it is posted on your timeline and can be shared on your friend’s timeline also.

How Businesses Can Use the Video Card


  • A brand needs to frequently acknowledge the great job that its employees do. A Facebook video card can be used to accomplish this.
  • It is a public declaration, and one that employees greatly appreciate. Best of all, the video card can be saved and is also a recommendation of the best kind.
  • It is said that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. It is important for a business to promote a culture that facilitates good job performance and promotes team work.
  • Acknowledgements and encouragement are key motivating factors for business managers to keep in mind.
  • A business could create a card that celebrates the success of a marketing campaign or gives customers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of its team at work.

Some brands transform what could have been an awkward moment into something special. Facebook FOO, Sheryl Sandberg, sent a former employee a Say Thanks card when she moved to a new job. It was a wonderful way to acknowledge the person’s contribution to Facebook while continuing the rapport that existed between them.


  • B2B companies can use the Say Thanks card to encourage partners and clients that they work with. The card can be used to express appreciation, and to encourage a partner. A video card can also double up as an excellent recommendation that a business can share with its clients.
  • Local businesses can benefit by supporting each other and cross promoting brands.
  • It is important for the card to be used to convey a message that is genuine and would be appreciated by everyone who sees it.
  • Some important factors that a business must keep in mind when sending a video card to a partner include not sharing sensitive or confidential information, and using the card to establish a better and stronger professional relationship.


  • Sometimes a business may want to reach out to a customer and thank them for their feedback or support. The Say Thanks card can help in this regard.
  • In every social network there are some users who are likely to inspire others and rally for a brand. Every business needs to keep an eye for such social media users.
  • Send out personalized video card invitations to an event and recipients are likely to share it with their friends.
  • A Facebook video card can be used to announce the winner of a contest or to surprise a group of lucky customers with discount coupons to the brand’s Facebook Storefront.
  • The card can also be used to focus on a new range of products available at the Facebook store, and to invite customers to explore it.

Holiday Cards

Businesses that have a Facebook Page can also design and send out holiday cards to employees and partners, and to customers too.

The Video Card Advantage

There are many reasons to use the Facebook Say Thanks card. Perhaps the most important of these is the fact that the message is sent out at the opportune moment and is not forgotten or lost in your to-do lists. It is a dynamic and effective way of conveying a message, and making it a public declaration. Everyone likes to be appreciated and genuine words of gratitude and appreciation can strengthen any relationship.

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