New Facebook Features for Your Business to Benefit From

Facebook endeavors to offer its users features and tools that make their social media experience interesting and enjoyable. To this end, the Facebook team pays close attention to the manner in which people can use their page. Very often they tweak existing apps and tools, and frequently they offer new Facebook features that your business could benefit from. It is important for all businesses on this social media site to keep up with these changes and to use them to the advantage of their brand. Here is a look at some of the features that you should not miss out on:

The First Look Counts

When a Facebook user logs into their account, numerous pieces of information vie for their attention. They, of course, first read any posts on their wall and updates from friends. They also pay attention to their newsfeed that helps them keep up with trends and the latest news.

Now, Facebook gives users the option to choose or prioritize what they would like to see in their newsfeed. With the customize newsfeed feature, folks can choose the ‘See First’ option. Once this selection is made then any post by that brand, group or friend will feature prominently on their newsfeed. In other words, Facebook is giving its users the opportunity to customize their newsfeed to their interests and specifications.

It is important for brands to give their customers a good reason to want to see it first. This of course means that the content offered on the page should be useful as well as entertaining. Now comes the crucial question of what kind of content or posts do your customers want to see. While this decision would be based largely on the demographic groups that your customers belong to, there are still some basic principles that deserve your attention.

According to kissmetrics, the posts that do phenomenally well on Facebook include funny memes, inspirational quotes and pictures, and comments on the changing season with apt pictures. Do take the time to design content that is perfect for your customers. For instance, if your brand sells shoes, then posts on the changing season could also focus on the change in footwear. On the other hand if you sell beverages, then like Starbucks you could focus on a beverage that would be perfect for the day. Some photographs go viral because they make just the right connection with the audiences.

A Facebook Beacon that Shines at Customers

Local businesses must consider the Facebook Beacon. You can get one from Facebook, free of cost. All you need to do is send in a request from your page. When the beacon is on, then the people in the vicinity who are Facebook and have their Wi-Fi on will receive information about your business. This is an excellent option for stores in malls and marketplaces. It helps customers identify the location of the store and also keeps them informed of offers that may encourage them to visit the store.


There are 1.31 billion active Facebook monthly mobile users. Here is another interesting fact, the amount of time that Americans spend on their Facebook mobile app in a month is 335,000 years! Clearly, the importance of the Facebook beacon to a local business cannot be underrated.

Safe Financial Transactions on Facebook

Facebook has added a feature that allows users to send and receive money on Facebook messenger. Currently this feature is only limited to USA. It makes it easier for people to pay for products or services that they may want to buy, or they could also send money to a friend.

The service can be linked to a debit card and not a credit card. The security and safety of financial transactions is given highest priority. Once a debit card has been linked, the user can create a pin without which a transaction cannot be authorized. Users also have the freedom to add extra levels of authentication to their account.

To send money on Facebook one would need to click on the dollar sign on the message format. If you are sending money from desktop then the message has to be clicked to reveal the hidden $ sign.

Save a Reply

While most experts say that it is best to customize replies to queries on your Facebook page, if you are in a hurry the Saved Reply option is rather useful. It is possible for brands and businesses to save their replies so that they are able to offer a timely reply. Another added feature that may be of interest to businesses is that fact that one can save a reply and personalize it before it is sent out.

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