Meet the Top Storytellers on Facebook

People love stories. Social psychology experts suggest that stories help us understand and remember. In fact, the cognitive system is closely linked to social knowledge. In other words we understand the meaning and relevance of things when they are related to the social. This is why marketers who are great storytellers are also the best in their line of work.

Facebook is in many ways the social face of the internet. Every day millions of users log in to the social network to share their lives with their friends. They also use it to follow trends, explore products and brands, and also to shop. In many ways their understanding of their world is shaped by their experience on Facebook. When a brand is able to tell its story in an interesting manner it makes an impact on its target audiences. And in turn, they are likely to remember the brand better and associate with it easily.

A Story Makes all the Difference


In an effort to see the impact of storytelling on advertising and marketing, Facebook, along with the social media advertising firm, Adaptly, and fashion and style brand, Refinery29 conducted an experiment. Instead of merely focusing on immediate conversion, the ad campaign chose to tell a story through sequential advertisements. They identified a lookalike audience and divided them into three groups. The control group was not exposed to any Refinery29 ads. One test group saw sequential ads, while the other saw ‘sustained call-to-action’ ads. The result was that sequential storytelling led to 87% more views, and increased email subscriptions by 56%. Clearly people enjoyed following a story and the impact that the brand had on it.

Super Storytellers

Some businesses and companies are better storytellers than others. On Facebook some brands that stand apart and are worth emulating include Nike. The Nike ‘Ripple’ campaign is an outstanding piece of storytelling that does not focus on the brand but the spirit that it represents. The advertisement shows how Tiger Woods inspired Rory MacIlroy to become a professional golfer. The video is shot to resemble homemade videos and give a personal feel to it. This made a wonderful connection with the audiences across the world.

Nike has always encouraged people to strive to do better. It not only focuses on professional athletes and players but on common folks who may struggle to make exercise and sport a part of their lives. The ‘Just Do It’ motto captures the brand’s spirit perfectly.

Expedia does an outstanding job of communicating with its customers and involving them in its campaigns. In fact Expedia customers play an integral role in most of its marketing strategies. The brand’s ‘Find Yours’ campaign encourages traveller to share their pictures and their story. It focuses on the many different things that people look for when they decide to travel.

KLM is one of the top brands when it comes to social customer service. The company not only responds efficiently to all queries and requests but also takes the time to interact with its passengers. It is not surprising then, that some of the most interesting content on the site is the interaction between the brand and its audience.

Dove has always remained as one of the few brands that has put its customers first in its marketing campaigns. Rather than focusing on the products it offers, the brand prefers to address important issues such as confidence and self-esteem. It doesn’t always focus on a specific age group. This is perhaps why the brand is enormously popular with women of all age groups.

P&G has had many successful advertising campaigns to its credit. However its ‘Like a Girl’ video has made a dramatic impact on viewers, boys and girls.  The advertisement deals with the way the phrase ‘like a girl’ is used in derogatory ways and needs to be changed. In a study conducted afterwards it was concluded that 76% of young women who saw the video no longer consider the phrase, ‘like a girl’ as an insult.


IBM often tells the most wonderful stories about its brand and employees, and interestingly enough it tells it with a picture. Often the company posts a photograph from its archives and shares special insight with its clients and viewers.

Facebook offers brands many options that can help them customize their ad campaign and tell a story well. It is possible for companies to choose the audience that will view an advertisements. They can use several pictures and frames to convey the message. The carousel style ads are awesome for Facebook storytelling.

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