Guide to Using Facebook Videos to Increase Engagement

If a picture is worth a thousand words imagine how useful a video could be to your business. Research indicates that people find it easier to understand information when it is in a video format. There are several reasons for this and the most important are:

  • The brain is wired to process information more efficiently when it focuses on the human face. In other words, we find information more believable and easily understood when it is conveyed by a person.
  • The human voice makes it easier to understand and relate to a message. On the flip side, if you were to read the same message it would take you longer to understand the meaning and also to accept it.
  • Emotions are contagious and so when you see an inspirational video it leaves you inspired. A DIY video can make it easier for you to work on a pet project.

Businesses and brands are opting to post videos on Facebook. It is a great way of connecting with their target audiences and can be used for many purposes. A brand can introduce the concept of a product that it intends to launch and it can share videos that help customers gain maximally from its products.

Some videos may be shared to educate Facebook users and others to entertain them. Depending on the purpose, one can create a video with very little money and resource. What is important is that the message is conveyed succinctly. The video should not be longer than two minutes. The lighting and editing are two factors that will determine whether a viewer will continue to watch the video beyond the first few seconds. First impressions are important, make them count.



Whether a business sells products or offers services, Facebook videos can be used to inform and educate target audiences. Some businesses may find it useful to post instructional videos that will help customers use their products well. Knorr uses the video section of its Facebook page very well. Customers love to watch and share videos that help them cook delicious meals, easily and quickly.

What better way for a business, especially a new one, to introduce itself to its customers than with a video. A company can add a video to its About Us section. This can be done by adding the video as the ‘Featured Video’. It is also a great idea for businesses to integrate their marketing campaigns and so, one can share a television advertisement as a Facebook video. Budweiser’s Lost Dog during the Super Bowl was a popular favorite. The brand also focuses on inspiring its customers. The Budweiser Tim Howard video is an excellent example.

Lowe’s Home Improvement videos gives homeowners a great idea of the kind of changes and improvement they can make around their homes. A visual description makes it easier for Facebook users to decide the kind of time and effort any home improvement project would require.

Online and offline purchases are dependent on whether the customer perceives a product as useful and attractive. A video helps the customer visualize how the product could be of use to them, and is a subtle but effective call to action.


Folks spend their time on social media to have fun. This is also why funny videos tend to go viral more than any other kind. It is a good idea for a business to post or share a funny or entertaining video. It would be a good idea to post and share videos that can help the viewer identify with the brand. For instance if a business sells space savers it could post entertaining videos of people who would benefit from their products. The video should be informal and could also be animated. Videos that are capable of eliciting an emotional reaction tend to do better than those that simply inform.

Call to Action and More

Use a call to action to direct your viewers to a video. A great way to achieve this is by using a cover photo that focuses on the theme of the video and encourages customers and viewers to click on the ‘Watch Video’ option. It is important that when you post a video it has a clear message and call to action.

To ensure that the video gets attention a business could boost the post. Another great option is to use the video as a Facebook video ad. This does require that the company spend some money but the results are terrific. Embed the link to the Facebook video in the company’s blog so that readers are encouraged to click the link and follow it.

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