Brands that Make an Emotional Connection on Facebook

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” When Zig Ziglar said these words he pretty much hit bull’s eye. If you look at the most popular commercials on television you will find that they are the ones that elicit a positive and happy emotion. People like brands that make them feel positively about life and themselves, and bring a smile to their faces. They are also likely to choose these brands when they add products to their shopping cart.

Brands to Emulate

Some brands do an exceptional job of creating an emotional connection on Facebook. These include Sephora, Whole Foods, Dove and Amex OPEN. Sephora’s target audience includes young women in the 25-34 year demographic group. This is an audience for whom their digital life is an integral part of their day. It’s also one for whom beauty and associated products are important to the way they look and feel. And with this in consideration the brand has gone all out to connect with their customers through their website and social media.


Sephora realizes that when a customer shops for one of its products it is more than just about buying it. And hence it uses its website and Facebook page to stay connected with them. The Beauty Talk community is one of a kind and encourages customers to interact and discuss issues that are important to them. Interestingly, the Facebook page is often used by customers to post queries and also to answer them.

American Express OPEN focuses on small business owners and offers them expertise and insight. The brand posts regularly on its Facebook page, and focuses on key issues that entrepreneurs should bear in mind.  The subject of the posts varies and often includes issues such as cash flow, delegation of responsibility and time management. The Facebook page is an excellent place for small business owners to visit to keep an eye on other businesses that are doing things differently.

As a brand Dove has often taken remarkable steps to help focus on the beauty that lies in each and every one of its customers. In advertisement campaigns such as the Real Beauty Sketches it made its customers rethink their self-images.  The brand uses several Facebook pages to address its regional audiences.

Whole Foods is a brand that is dedicated to offering customers products that support a healthier lifestyle. The business realizes that its connection with its customers must not end after they leave the stores. And to this end they use their blog, Facebook page and in-store promotions to promote an ambience that would support the healthy lifestyle their customers seek. The brand regularly posts on its Facebook page and has a unique contribution to make to their readers’ day. The posts are fun and inspire visitors to the page to take action. On the Facebook page the business also deals effectively with queries, complaints and recommendations made by customers.

How to Make a Genuine Connection

Businesses of all sizes need to make their customers the focus on their social media attention. It is important to address issues that are important to them rather than simply propagating the brand. Every time a business posts on its Facebook page it gains an opportunity to make an impression on its customers.

The post should be well designed and the text should be accompanied by an image that inspires the desired response. The post should be useful and relevant to the target audience. You want your customers to feel good about the brand and want to keep clear of negative emotions. This is also what made United Care’s ‘Our Song’ advertisement such a hit, while Nationwide’s ‘Make Safe Happen’ Super Bowl commercial left viewers upset and traumatized. Nissan’s ‘With Dad’ Super Bowl advertisement didn’t find too many fans either.

It is important for a brand to make the experience on its Facebook page a positive one.  Hence, the message, as well as the manner in which it is conveyed, is important. Story telling is an important part of making a connection with the customers. Shoppers love the Lolly Wolly Doodle story as much as they adore the designs and offers presented by the company.

Learn, Feel and Do. These are the three things any brand should focus on in its Facebook strategy. You want to inform your customers about the brand and its product range, and focus on issues that are important to the customers. And finally it should inspire them to take action.

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