5 Facebook Apps Your Brand Should Consider

Every business that has its Facebook page should consider using Facebook apps that make it more interesting and fun to use. Some of these apps can help a business sell products on its social media store, others can help create polls and still others can help a brand integrate its social media activities. Quite clearly there are many Facebook apps that would be of interest to your business. However, it is important that you select them with care and consideration and don’t end up crowding your page with them.

What are Facebook Apps?

You have heard about them, used them, but do you know what Facebook apps are? In the simplest terms, these are interactive software applications that have been designed with the sole purpose of using Facebook’s technologies in order to create a more social atmosphere.

5 Apps for Your Business

Integrate Your Social Media Initiative: While Facebook is by far the most popular social media network, people also use other social media sites to cater to specific interests. This makes it important for a business to integrate its social media initiative. With such an app you could place your Instagram pictures on a tab. You could also use the Facebook Twitter app to tweet every post. This way every time your brand posts on Facebook you also reach out to your followers on Twitter.


It is likely that a customer may see something that interests them and will encourage them to look for your brand on other social media channels that they use. Woobox and TabSite are two apps that could help you in this direction. While earlier businesses like to have a YouTube tab that would allow them to link visitors to their videos now one can do the same on the ‘Videos’ tab on the Facebook page.

E-Commerce: Social commerce is here to stay. The social aspect of shopping is a well-researched phenomenon, and social commerce has taken this to a whole new level. People like to shop for products and brands that they consider fashionable and trending. They also like to share information about their shopping with their friends. This makes a Facebook store a perfect place for any business to showcase its product line and to sell. Some apps that can help your business set up a Facebook store include Storefront Social, Shopify and ShopTab.

Review Apps: Reputation is everything for any business, irrespective of the industry that it may belong to. People like to ask friends, and even strangers, for reviews and recommendations. Word of mouth recommendation is considered more valuable than a lengthy, well worded product description. A Review App will give your customers a chance to review your business and will be of great assistance to other customers. People also pay close attention to how businesses handle negative reviews. It tells them a lot about how the business treats its customers.

Contests Made Easy: Contests are a great way of catching the attention of your target audiences. They can increase traffic to your Facebook page and affect sales and revenue. Contests usually require contestants to do something or offer some information in order to get a chance to win something attractive. Some contest apps include Heyo, Offerpop and Tabfoundry. It is important that you understand how an app works so that it matches the requirements of the contest that your business has in mind.

Scheduled Posts Apps: Most businesses find it difficult to post on a regular basis. After all, social media efforts, are not a core business process for most companies. This makes scheduled posting apps very useful and valuable to businesses. You can schedule the content that is to be posted and for the allocated time you don’t have to worry about posting on the Facebook page.

These are excellent apps for businesses to consider. These are especially valuable to companies that have small teams that often shoulder several responsibilities. With a scheduled posting app you will not have to worry about missing a post or losing out on your audience. Some apps that you may like to consider include Post Planner, Buffer and Sprout Social.

Social media offers businesses the chance to reach out to their customers through the day and night. Through this platform they can stay connected to their customers, offer them interesting and entertaining content and also sell them products and services. Facebook apps can make it easier for businesses to use their Facebook page and make it more customer and user friendly.

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