How is Facebook Marketing Changing?

The world of social commerce and social marketing requires constant monitoring. Blink, and you may just miss out on research, apps and features that could help your business grow and prosper. Facebook marketing is indeed changing and it is the users who are propelling this change.

In a recent survey, Facebook asked its users for their opinion on the content they viewed on their newsfeeds. The response was unanimous. Folks want to see more stories about their friends and from pages that they like. They don’t want their newsfeed to be hoarded by promotional material. So if your business frequently posts content that directs Facebook users to buy a product or download an app, if they direct them toward promotions with little context or uses the exact content as used in the business ads, then it is likely that your target audiences will not see the posts in their newsfeeds.

What Does this Change Mean?

Content is the unchallenged king: The change in Facebook marketing means that if you want to reach out to your target audience it is time to up your social commerce game. A business needs to offer content that is relevant to its customers. The posts need to be interesting, entertaining and valuable. The only reason a customer will spend time on a post or take action is if it makes sense to them.

So the question that social media managers need to ask themselves is whether the posts that they are developing will have an impact on the day and lives of their customers. Content is king, this fact has been well accepted for a long time. However, how well it is incorporated in a business’ social commerce strategy is the important question. You may want to use a social media calendar to plan out Facebook posts.

Facebook is used by billions of users worldwide. This essentially means that irrespective of which part of the world you belong to, you can benefit from Facebook marketing. While most internet users may frequent more than one social media site based on their interests, Facebook is the preferred choice. In other words while businesses must ensure that they have an integrated social media approach they must also post their best content on this network.

Facebook marketing tools: Facebook has made a lot of small and large changes to the manner in which businesses can use this platform for marketing. This is because large numbers of businesses have started to focus only on selling on Facebook rather than connecting with their customers. Brands need to go beyond the ‘Buy Now!’ call to action. Facebook storefronts can be used to showcase a business’ product line. The basic idea is to generate so much on interest in the brand that customers would organically choose to visit the store.

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There are many Facebook features for a brand to consider and these include boosted posts, dynamic Facebook ads and multi-product ads. Even with a limited social media budget a small business can achieve excellent results. By boosting a post, a business can choose the audience that will view it and the period for which the post will remain boosted.

How to Make Facebook Marketing Work

Being honest and genuine is the first step towards successfully marketing a brand on Facebook. Customers are able to see through marketing schemes and can judge for themselves how a brand sees its customers. Your Facebook business page should be a place where customers can connect with your brand, ask questions and request for customer service. One must make use of every aspect and section of the page including the About section, profile picture, featured video, notes and the host of apps that can be used on the page.

A business needs to posts regularly and consistently on its page and the content should be relevant and valuable to the viewer. It is a good idea to use pictures that communicate the message that a business wishes to share. It is important that posts are targeted and hence reach out to the section of Facebook users that your business would like to focus on.

Facebook ads

Small and big businesses can use Facebook ads and boosted posts to reach out to their customers. The face of the Facebook ad is changing dramatically. While the dynamic product ad is created specifically for the products that a customer may have shown interest in, it can be as effective with lookalike audiences. Multi product ads can generate excitement in a company’s product line.

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