Top 3 Tips on Promoting a Product on Social Media

Whether your business is launching a product in the market or is initiating a marketing strategy to push up sales for any existing one, social media can play an integral role. Billions of people use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter daily. This means that a business has the opportunity to reach out to its target audiences and make a huge impact. Social media is used by well reputed brands, SMEs and startups to promote products. Here are some great tips that can help you promote a product and extend its reach effectively.

Create a Comfortable Environment

When a brand wishes to promote a product it needs to reach out to its customers and speak in a language and tone that they respond to. Instead of simply posting a picture with a product description or creating a Facebook ad, a marketing manager could try something different.


It is vital that the social media profile and account is handled in a manner that makes customers feel comfortable on it. When the business posts a picture of the said product, they should feel comfortable enough to post questions and queries about it. Walmart is one of the many brands that Facebook users love to share their thoughts and opinions with. When a customer writes on the Facebook page or tweets about a product, it is crucial that the business to respond promptly. This opportunity can create a huge impact on not just that particular customer but others who are watching too.

Black Milk Clothing takes customer engagement to a whole new level. Every time the brand posts a picture of a product, the response is tremendous. When customers comment on the photograph, it takes the time to respond and posts personalized comments. What’s more the interaction it has with its customers is something that every brand should strive to attain. It is said that 80% of impressions generated on the internet are driven by only 6% of users. A business needs to identify the influencers who are followed and watched by a large section of the brand’s social media audience.

Sometimes creating a collection of products that appeal to the target audience can generate tremendous interest. A brand can encourage its customers to add to it and curate similar content. Photographs in a collage style are immensely popular with customers because it helps them visualize the product and the manner in which it could become part of their lives. Facebook’s multiproduct ad is an excellent way to showcase products and tempt customers.

User Generated Photographs

People put a lot of weight in customer reviews. That said, imagine how strongly they would be affected by user generated photographs of your products. Great product promotion pictures need not be restricted to high quality photos taken by a professional photographer. There is nothing quite like a customer’s pictures of a product they are thrilled with. Lolly Wolly Doodle often shares photos that fans post on its wall and they generate a lot of meaningful engagement. It is a good idea for businesses to encourage customers to share their pictures and opinions about products. It is also vital to use customer feedback and take action on it.

Create a hashtag that will help identify the product and its category. This will make it easy for your customers to use the hashtag and post comments and pictures on it. The #PretzelLoveSongs was introduced by Wendy’s when it re-launched the beloved Pretzel Bacon Burger. The brand didn’t just stop there. It took a selection of fan tweets and had professional singers create a video with them. This way the customers were as involved and invested in the promotion of the product as the brand was.  Also, it was an excellent way for the brand to show just how important its customers and their opinions were to it.

Product Launch and Promotion

Before a business is ready for a product launch, it is a good idea to create a teaser campaign on Facebook and other social media sites. This will not only drum up interest in the product but may also bring feedback that may help the business tweak the product and its marketing strategy in order for it to become a sure shot hit. The teaser marketing strategy generates interest and awareness about the product even before it is launched. In 2014 Renault achieved just that and used #UndressNewTwingo to create excitement about the launch.

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