Tips on Creating a Great Facebok Ad

Facebook has become an integral part of a business’ marketing and advertising campaign. Here are some key issues you need to keep in mind when creating a great Facebook Ad. To begin with you need to understand that your company has numerous choices when it comes to creating a Facebook Ad.

If you are unsure of how to go about creating and placing the advertisement, the social media channel offers help. You could also initially boost a post to see how investing in advertising on Facebook can increase brand visibility on the network. The post should feature an appropriate picture, description and a call to action message. You can select the audience that you wish to focus on, the time period for the boost, how many people you wish to reach out to and your budget.

Types of Facebook Ads

There are many different ways of advertising on Facebook. A video ad is a great idea as it allows a business to create an experience that the customer would be interested in. In November 2014, the number of videos posted directly on Facebook overran YouTube videos posted on Facebook. The number of video posts by brands has increased by 3.6 times in the last year.

A photo advertisement should use the available space efficiently. A News Feed Ad is of 1200 X 628 pixels. If the picture used in the advertisement is larger than this size, it will get cropped and may damage the impact the advertisement aims to create. The visual should be attractive, relevant and should carry an apt call to action. A brand could also use several pictures and create a multi-product Ad. An offer or event advertisement must highlight the necessary details that make it appealing to the target audience.


More and more marketing managers have come realize that they need to promote their brand across channels. Cross channel remarketing ensures that your marketing message is repeated and more likely to be noticed by the target audiences. Millions of adults log into their Facebook accounts every day. This provides businesses an opportunity to strengthen their brand image and identity. It is important that the advertisement uses the brand logo and colors prominently. The image and style of the advertisement should reflect the attitude that the brand intends to inspire in its customers. For instance a Facebook Ad for a fashion accessory company should be creative and fun.  On the other hand, if the business sells safety equipment it would like to be associated with an image that makes its audience things of safety and comfort.

Be Visual

People react emotionally to visual stimuli as compared to written text. Research indicates that the human brain reacts to a visual 60,000 times faster than it does to the written word. This encourages an emotional reaction which strongly affects decision making abilities. This is why advertising gurus pay special attention to the kind of graphics and visuals that are used in an advertisement.

When a business is choosing a visual for a Facebook Ad it must ensure that it is relevant and leaves no room for ambiguity. If a company sells wine then the focus of its advertisement should be the bottle or bottles of wine. The food that may be served with the wine or the table setting should not take attention away from the product that is being sold.

A Tag Line

The Facebook Ad should have a short and attractive tag line. It should preferably focus on an excellent deal that customers would find difficult to resist. The call to action should use strong words such as ‘Get’, ‘Buy’, ‘Shop’ and Order’.  Make the offer a time limited one, and mention it specifically. Use a message such as ‘Offers Ends on Monday’ and ‘Buy While Stocks Last’. The fear of missing out also known as FOMO is one of the strongest and most effective motivating factors. After all no one wants to miss out on a killer offer.

The Message

The message that accompanies the advertisement should be crystal clear. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be written creatively. For instance instead of saying, fill up this form for more information, the message could say ‘Begin a healthier life, right now!’ Specify the pricing that a deal offers a customer. This makes an Ad infinitely more attractive. Everyone wants to save some money while buying the products that they really want.

Create a Support System

It’s a good idea for businesses to use the testimonial of a satisfied customer or a business that it could partner with to promote the brand. For instance a business that sells spa products could promote an organic candle and essential oils brand and vice versa.

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