Key to social commerce success

Social commerce is defined as a type of e-commerce that uses the power of social media to allow businesses to interact and engage their target audiences.  Social commerce assists in the buying and selling of products online. Word of mouth recommendations can make or destroy the reputation of a business. While it has always been an important factor for customers to choose one brand over the other, in the contemporary world it is critical to business success. Key issues to focus on The key to social commerce success is to understand that it is a part of business’ marketing strategy and not an exclusive channel. There are three key issues that need to be focused upon to improve sales and…

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How to sell more on your facebook storeCómo vender más en tu tienda facebookHow to sell more on your facebook store

If you want to sell more on your facebook store the first thing that you need to do is ensure that the storefront offers the entire range of products. There is nothing more irritating for a customer than to find a facebook shop that is badly stocked. A facebook store should ideally offer great navigation and the shop should be structured to help customers find what they are looking for. An app like Storefront Social can make this possible. Improve trust and confidence in the brand It is important for a business to inspire confidence in its target audience. This can be achieved by improving engagement on the facebook page. The business can design posts that will elicit a reaction…

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What are People Sharing on Facebook?¿Que estan compartiendo las personas en facebook?What Are People Sharing on Facebook?

Sharing is an ancient practice, perhaps as old as mankind. People like to tell stories, retell incidents and pass information to friends and family. The type of information would have been dependent on the generation and what it considered important. With the advent of the internet it became easier to find information. However, with the coming of social media, people truly started to share. In many ways social media has empowered people and given them a platform to express themselves. What are they sharing? People like to share all kinds of information and these can be broadly classified into groups. Entertaining and valuable information. This may include a funny story, an amusing quote or a piece of entertaining news. They…

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The rising need for social commerceLa creciente necesidad de el comercio socialThe rising need for social commerce

This is the age in which businesses have to fight strong for their place in the market. Whether yours is a big or a small business, it needs to stay in touch with its target audiences. It is crucial that your business is able to connect with its customers and inspire brand loyalty. There are many ways to sell products and businesses need to explore all avenues. The rising need for social commerce is based on the consumers need to ensure that they get value for their money. The social experience People like to talk to their friends, neighbors and colleagues about the things that they wish to buy. They like to get a good understanding of what kind of…

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New trends in social commerceNuevas tendencias en el comercio socialNew trends in social commerce

Social commerce is a viable option for all businesses, big and small. If a business wishes to gain success on social media and with social commerce, it needs to pay keen attention to trends in social commerce. This knowledge will help refine the brand’s social commerce strategy and gain optimally from it. The success of social commerce lies in the power that the customers hold over each other. People like to talk to their friends and even strangers about what they should buy and what to avoid. It is kind of like people asking for recommendations at a supermarket or taking friends along for a shopping expedition. Social gifts Social commerce harnesses the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. It is more…

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Peek…Aren’t You Curious

Peek…Aren’t You Curious is a boutique children’s brand of high quality clothing both online and in physical stores throughout California, Arizona and Texas. Since implementing Storefront Social, traffic from Facebook to the ecommerce store has increased and contributed to their overall revenue mix. Per visitor value has reached to $1.20 and a conversion rate of 1.21% has been observed in conjunction with engaging the online community. Peek’s other Social Media efforts together with Storefront Social have created a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy that continues to drive traffic to their site as well as customer/fan engagement which provokes word-of-mouth marketing. Peek also takes advantage of the Highlight feature to keep their top sellers at the top of the page. Peek…

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Storefront Social Case Studies

We are now starting to compile simple case studies to help other storefront managers understand various techniques for engaging their customers online. Check out the new case studies page to learn what metrics can be seen in various industries. If you are currently using Storefront Social, send us a message with details about your success story, and we’ll feature them on our blog as well as our Case Studies page!