Starting a Company on Social Media

If you thought that social media was a tool only for interpersonal communication, you are missing out on a lot. Some entrepreneurs not only use social media with panache but have made it their stepping stone to success. is a personal financial site that uses social media marketing to increase its loyal customer base to 1.5 million users. It focused on motivators to social sharing and found that users preferred to use the beta version of the site for free rather than win an ipod for getting three friends to sign up with the site. Since its inception in 2007 it has traced $300 million in savings by users. The business also uses its blog actively to address financial…

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Go the Starbucks Way

Starbucks is one of the brands that use social media effectively. Whether it is its tremendous fan following on Facebook (7.7 million) or its attempts to listen to customer requests for more sizes, Starbucks comes up with innovative ways to use social media to reach out to its customers. From customer service and feedback to public relations and advertising the company uses social media for it all. To top it all according to research by Syncapse Starbucks Facebook fans spend $235 for their coffee every year. This is twice of what non-fans spend. It is apparent that reaching out top your target audience on social media is worth the investment in social media initiatives. Another great source of ideas and tips…

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Boost the engagement with your fans

Take a look at this article that discusses the importance of how to engage with your customers from your Facebook business page. A compelling, active Facebook fan page should be an integral part of your marketing plans. With now over 500 million users and average daily session times of 25 minutes and above, Facebook is the place where you can have a voice to your customers like no other contact before. Read it carefully, and then come up with your plan of how it will best suit you and your customers. Implementing Storefront Social to your facebook business page is your first step into engaging more with your customers easily, and providing them with the tools to share your content…

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Create an engaging Facebook Business Page

Here is a great article that was shown on Tech Crunch that highlights several ways you can make your Facebook Business page a lot more engaging. By using the tips in this article, you too can have a really engaging business page that is creative, fun, and most importantly, makes your fans keep coming back for more. The key to developing the most engaging content and not losing them as fans is to keep the posts relevant and lure the fans to interact with your page. This article also shows the benefit of how adding a ‘Storefront’ tab to your facebook page can help by showcasing your products to your fans and using Storefront Social as a complement to this…

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The value of a Facebook Fan — Bring value to your customers by using Storefront Social

Check out this article written about the value of a Facebook fan. Very interesting way to discover the importance of creating a facebook business page and ensuring that the engagement with your customers is genuine, informative, and valuable to your customers. This can only increase the value of that fan, and what a great way to incorporate Storefront Social to ensure that the products you are using in your Social share are relevant to your customers!