Give your business a human face with facebook

Statistics reveal that people prefer to buy brands that they like and can associate with. A business can improve brand recognition and likeability by giving it a human face with facebook. The human face does not refer to the profile picture on your facebook shop or page. It refers to facebook interactions that let the target audiences know that your business cares about them. People will choose to visit your facebook store or click on the “like” button only if they think that it is interesting and worth their time. How to use facebook Simply creating a facebook storefront and business page cannot improve sales. What you need to do is ensure that the page is actively monitored and managed.…

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Facebook for small businesses — selling online

In order to increase its sales a small business needs to ensure that its customers are able to identify with the brand, and relate to it well. It is important to sell products where your target audience lies. Facebook has over 800 million users today. You may like to concentrate on your target audience, and may even like to explore markets that you have until now not focused on. Your business must be friendly and approachable; it should also inspire confidence in the target audience. This can be achieved by interacting with prospective customers on social media sites such as facebook. In order to sell online, your clientele must first know about your business and this can be done with…

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Tips on social media for small businesses

Small businesses can benefit tremendously by marketing on social media. This doesn’t just refer to placing ads or running an ad campaign but using social media to connect to your target audiences. The first thing that a business needs to do is to choose the social network that its target audience focuses upon. Alternatively if you have the resources, you can invest time and attention on several social media sites. These could include facebook, twitter, Linkedin and others. Here are some valuable tips on social media for small businesses. Keep it honest and personal It is important that your presence on social media sites is not limited to bombarding users with marketing information. Instead, take the opportunity to get to…

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Boost holiday shopping with social commerce

Most businesses do large amounts of business during the holiday season. Most people save up for their holiday shopping. They also have a rather varied list of items on their list. It is important to use social commerce to boost your holiday sales. Importance of social media to your brand A recent survey indicates that as many as 83% of holiday shoppers base their shopping decisions on consumer reviews. Word-of-mouth has always been considered to be the most trustworthy source of information. A National Retail Federation study concluded that moms, who make most of the shopping decisions in a home, use blogs, facebook and twitter more than the average internet user. Furthermore, research indicates that in their weekly conversations with…

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YouTube videos and commerce on facebook

In the last few years internet technologies have advanced and surpassed the dreams of even the most ambitious internet users. From being passive participants, social media has given them the opportunity to take the front seat and a more active role. Internet users across the world are choosing to create and read content, and use it in their daily lives. The marketing on facebook strategy of any business must make use of all the tools and technologies that are available to it. Social commerce and Youtube videos People respond better to a video than they would to a web page that only features content. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, and accordingly a video, undoubtedly, would…

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How to make commerce on facebook work for your business

Whether yours is an online business or brick and mortar store looking to create a niche in online marketing and sales, you can benefit from social commerce. The internet gives businesses the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their target audience. It is important that your brand is visible and easily recognized. This can be achieved by creating a facebook store with Storefront Social. The application allows you to customize your store so that your products are showcased. Increasing traffic to your business site Your facebook shop is a great way to increase your customer base and promote sales. Social media sites such as facebook are some of the top sites visited by people across the world. Facebook users…

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Top reasons to have a facebook shop

Social commerce or marketing and sales on social networks is a new phenomenon; one that is here to stay. More and more people choose to log into their social network accounts to interact with their friends and family. They spend a lot of their internet browsing time to share information and views with their contacts. This makes it crucial for businesses to have a facebook shop. In the contemporary world, most people have little time to spare for shopping. Social commerce gives them the opportunity to purchase the things that they want without having to leave the privacy of their home or office. Shopping on facebook is fun for users. They are able to easily buy gifts for friends and…

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The many faces of social media

Social media can be used by stores in many ways. From getting customer demographics and opinions to making offers and offering a line of products to them, one can do it all. Home based businesses such as Curbside Cupcakes are reaping the benefits that social media has to offer. The brand offer cupcakes on the move and uses social media to inform fans and friends of the location of their truck. The business is active on Facebook, which it finds is a great place for customers to share their experiences. Curbside Cupcakes also uses videos of its trucks and events to keep customers interested and asking for more. Check out the story here:

Maternity Wear on Social Media

Based in Florida the Belly and Babe boutique reaches out to expectant mothers who want to look great during their pregnancy. The boutique offers new and ‘gently used’ maternity clothes to mums-to-be who don’t want to spend too much money on clothes that will be worn only for a few months. Post delivery and when women have gone back to their pre pregnancy figures they can consign their maternity wear and make some extra cash to shop with. The brand uses its blog effectively and discusses the latest trends in maternity wear. It is also active on social networking sites such as Twitter and keeps its customers informed of discounts and promotional offers. This is a perfect brand that could…

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Small Businesses use Social Media to gain sales

Small businesses have the most to gain from social media. Not only does a social media campaign require no investment but can be used in wonderful and creative ways. Marketing is taken to a whole new level as entrepreneurs interact directly with their customers and gauge their reactions and can modify their social media initiative accordingly. Haileys Hair Clips is a brand that reaches out to its customers and potential customers on social media sites. The business is on Facebook and gives it a human touch which customers appreciate. From promotional messages and a sneak peek behind the scenes of Haileys Hair Clips, the brand uses social media for it all. Check it out here: