How to Use Social Media to Manage Public Relations

How your target audience sees your business and relates to it is directly related to how loyal they are to it. Use social media to create a unique rapport with your customers and allow them to relate to you in ways you never thought possible. This is what Zappos does with the help of social media. Zappos also integrates employee tweets and communicates with customers in interesting ways. It also uses its blog to keep customers up to date on fashion tips and also on the other side of the business. This is a business that has added a personality to its social media strategy, and it works brilliantly. Check out the article here:

Dry Cleaning on Social Media

Social media is a unique and versatile platform that can be used according to a business’ social media strategy. It can be used to create a certain brand image and develop a rapport with your customers. Jeeves of Balgravia is a dry cleaning service and a garment care expert which has used social media to create a name and reputation for itself. Of course, the fact that the company has offered garment care services for celebrities such as Demi Moore and Linsay Lohan also helps. The company has a Facebook page, is on Twitter and also uses its blog to interact with its customers. This goes to show that no business is too small or too big to gain the…

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Create a Social Community

How to use social media effectively is something that every business needs to consider seriously and creatively. It is not always about promoting one’s brand or product, at least not blatantly on the face of it. A good example is Nike’s community for runners. The site is a place for serious runners to communicate and share their experiences. The company also introduced innovative products such as a Sport Kit sensor that allows the runner’s ipod to record the mileage and speed, and the calories burnt. Runners have logged in 93 million miles on the site. Nike plans to create a community for basketball players next. Check out the article here:

Starting a Company on Social Media

If you thought that social media was a tool only for interpersonal communication, you are missing out on a lot. Some entrepreneurs not only use social media with panache but have made it their stepping stone to success. is a personal financial site that uses social media marketing to increase its loyal customer base to 1.5 million users. It focused on motivators to social sharing and found that users preferred to use the beta version of the site for free rather than win an ipod for getting three friends to sign up with the site. Since its inception in 2007 it has traced $300 million in savings by users. The business also uses its blog actively to address financial…

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Take a Bite from the First Viral Restaurant

What can a small business do with social media? Surpass its advertising and marketing expectations and create more public interest than it could have ever dreamed of. Kogi BBQ is referred as ‘the first viral restaurant’. It used Twitter to inform existing and potential customers of the next stop for its Korean style taco vendors. Kogi BBQ’s use of social media has increased its business tremendously and made it a name that customers remember. Social media helps you reach out to your target audiences in ways that a business could earlier only hope to. Yet another successful entrepreneurial example of how connecting with your customers is so valuable! Are you planning your next tweet right now? Check it out here:…

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Restaurants on Twitter

If you’re running a small business, here is something you may like to learn from some of the many restaurants and brands, such as Boloco and Kogi, on Twitter. Anyone who understands business will tell you that brand loyalty and customer service go hand in hand. You too can use social media as a way to listen and interact with customers. A tweet can spread the good word about your business and bring in more customers. It can also help you tweak up loose ends and ensure that you offer prompt and courteous service to your customers. Using Twitter to monitor ‘chatter’ about your brand will help you identify possible ‘damage control’ that can be done simply by reaching out…

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Go the Starbucks Way

Starbucks is one of the brands that use social media effectively. Whether it is its tremendous fan following on Facebook (7.7 million) or its attempts to listen to customer requests for more sizes, Starbucks comes up with innovative ways to use social media to reach out to its customers. From customer service and feedback to public relations and advertising the company uses social media for it all. To top it all according to research by Syncapse Starbucks Facebook fans spend $235 for their coffee every year. This is twice of what non-fans spend. It is apparent that reaching out top your target audience on social media is worth the investment in social media initiatives. Another great source of ideas and tips…

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Facebook Helps Keep Customers Loyal

If your business is still not on Facebook, here is yet another reason to create a brand presence on the social media site. In a recent report by Syncapse it was revealed that 81% fans stated that they related better with the brand than the 39% of non-fans. Facebook fans are 28% more likely to remain loyal to a brand that other customers. 68% of a business’ Facebook fans are also likely to recommend a product to others. It is important for small and medium businesses to use social media sites such as Facebook to create a strong brand image and also to interact closely with their target audience. Also write ushere about Storefront Social’s Services if you’re overwhelmed by the…

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Start Ups and Social Media

Every small business can benefit from social media initiatives, even start-ups. It is crucial that you reach out to your target audience even as you find your feet in the business community. Social media allows you to interact with your customers and partners and get a good feel of what they want. As a start-up, you probably have a limited marketing and advertising budget. Your social media campaign will allow you to reach out to your target audience with minimal investment. This is also a good time to use social media sites as a sound board for ideas, customer service and to get a good understanding of what your competitors are doing. Check out how Grooveshark interacts with its users.…

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Social Media for Lead Generation and Customer Service

The Small Business Success Index report by the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business indicates that technology adoption has doubled in the U.S in the past year. It has increased from 12% to 24%. Respondents reported that they expect returns from their social media efforts in a year or less. One in five businesses is using social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Businesses find social media to be useful for lead generation and also for customer service. Most businesses use their company pages to initiate social media interaction and also use status updates on social media sites effectively. Storefront Social is a great complement for businesses that are trying to reach out to their customer and fan…

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