Adapting the image of your facebook storefront

Customers are more likely to go into a store that has an interesting and creative storefront than one that looks ordinary and mundane. Similarly, it is important that your facebook store is appealing and catches the interest of prospective customers. Its in the name It should have a clean design and should not look crowded. It is a good idea to hire a designer to create a logo and design that will be associated with your brand. The colors in the logo or design can be used predominantly on the facebook storefront. It is vital that the name of the facebook shop and the page clearly indicates what your business sells. Thus, you need to accordingly to choose a storefront…

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Facebook Affiliate Storefronts

Now with Storefront Social 2.0, we’ve added Storefront Cloning as a feature. The great thing about Storefront Social is the ability to have your products featured on storefront, but what if you manage multiple business pages that you want to funnel to the same products? Cloning your storefront allows you to send your products to multiple business pages and managed from the same account in Storefront Social. This will gain popularity among affiliates wanting to offer their products / storefronts in a controlled manner to their affiliates. Simply signup for your free trial and clone your storefront to multiple business pages and get even more eyes on your products! Adding affiliate tracking is coming soon, so be sure to watch…

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Tweak your Descriptions

Google does not index these pages, so even if your descriptions are identical to the ones at your store, you will not be penalized. However, the pages can offer a way for you to customize your descriptions to entice the user even more. Need more room than the default template allows? Try changing your template to Template B which allows more descriptions to help talk about your product. Customizing your storefront to be the most engaging to push those customers to your online store where you control the brand experience is the advantage of using Storefront Social.

Use the Share & Tweet buttons when talking about your products

The advantage to using Social Media with your products is to generate ‘chatter’ about your products. Anytime you reference a product in Facebook, be sure to use the pre-configured Shares and Tweets for easy thumbnail and link building to post into your news feed. Having this preconfigured saves time, and lets you simply click one button to offer a promotion to your fans! It also gives your fans an easy preconfigured message to resend to their friends!

Use words in the Price field of your item

Sometimes product pricing has tiered pricing, so some Storefront Social users have found it useful to not specify a currency, and use text to drive the customer to the site. ‘Click here for special pricing’ or ‘1 – 5 qty $4.95, 6 -10 qty $3.95. Give it a try, or even tag the link to offer special pricing (IE: Buy 1 get one FREE ONLY ON FACEBOOK). These special exclusive offers will give you the opportunity to build your fan base by giving them a specific reason to ‘Like’ your business! Who doesn’t love exclusive offers from their favorite brands?

Feature specific products to keep your Storefront fresh!

Storefront Social offers an easy way for you to feature products and highlight sale items!  You can feature up to 4 items to at the top of your storefront page. This gets more attention to specific products and helps draw attention to your products and drive traffic to your online store. Use this feature by simply changing any product’s category to ‘Featured‘. After you change any of your product’s categories to Featured, it will automatically show up on your storefront page instantly. Try it out by offering exclusive discounts to your Facebook fans!Storefront Social offers an easy way for you to feature products and highlight sale items!  You can feature up to 4 items to at the top of your…

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