Hardware Store on Twitter

Cole Hardware, a local hardware store in San Francisco uses social media to reach out to customers. Cole Hardware is on Twitter and actively reaches out to its followers. The business offers discounts and deals with its tweets and invites customers to its sidewalk sales. And it doesn’t just stop here; it also promotes its customers and discusses latest trends in the hardware business. The business uses social media effectively to increase its offline sales. It is also on Facebook. The store helps customers recycle their e-waste and organizes special ladies nights with food, drinks and demos. Its offline efforts are well supported by its social media efforts. Check out the article here: http://www.cagedether.com/2009/08/23/wow-even-my-local-hardware-store-loves-twitter/

A Coffee Shop with a Difference

If you have a local business and think that social media is for the big boys, think again. The CoffeeGroundz, a coffee shop in Houston doubled its customers by connecting with loyal customers and potential customers on Twitter. A tweet of October 31st, 2008, made it particularly famous: I want a pre order a bkfast wrap so I can zip thru drive thru for gas man. C’est possible?– maslowbeer Wi. What do you want on it?– CoffeeGroundz Social media helps take customer service to a whole new level. How it is used is entirely dependent on a business and its target audience. Check out the story here: http://pistachioconsulting.com/twitter-to-go/

1.24M fans served at McDonald’s on Facebook

McDonald’s holds the biggest restaurant page on Facebook with over 1.24 million fans. It is a brand that has been known to use social media in interesting and versatile ways. They had mommy bloggers review various franchises in many cities and then blog about their experience. Word of mouth is something that social media depends on and something for small business owners to take seriously. McDonald’s uses social media to generate business, deal with customer service and to reach out to their target audiences. It is vital that an entrepreneur understands the value of social media. Every fan can be converted to a customer and loyal customers who can be kept informed and satisfied by minimal investment in social media…

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How to Use Social Media to Manage Public Relations

How your target audience sees your business and relates to it is directly related to how loyal they are to it. Use social media to create a unique rapport with your customers and allow them to relate to you in ways you never thought possible. This is what Zappos does with the help of social media. Zappos also integrates employee tweets and communicates with customers in interesting ways. It also uses its blog to keep customers up to date on fashion tips and also on the other side of the business. This is a business that has added a personality to its social media strategy, and it works brilliantly. Check out the article here: http://mashable.com/2009/02/06/social-media-smartest-brands/

Restaurants on Twitter

If you’re running a small business, here is something you may like to learn from some of the many restaurants and brands, such as Boloco and Kogi, on Twitter. Anyone who understands business will tell you that brand loyalty and customer service go hand in hand. You too can use social media as a way to listen and interact with customers. A tweet can spread the good word about your business and bring in more customers. It can also help you tweak up loose ends and ensure that you offer prompt and courteous service to your customers. Using Twitter to monitor ‘chatter’ about your brand will help you identify possible ‘damage control’ that can be done simply by reaching out…

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