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  • Showcase 100 Products
  • Paypal & Google Integration Customize Storefront Super Admin Feature
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Grow Your Online Store

  • Showcase 500 Products
  • All + Reveal Tab / Fangate XML Product Feed Included in the iPad Storefront Mall
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Sell To Facebook Fanbase

  • Showcase 1000 Products
  • All + Reveal Tab / Fangate XML Product Feed Custom Storefront CSS
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Enterprise? We offer complete custom solutions for our enterprise customers. Contact Us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have an online store already?

Absolutely not. We have customers that are just starting out wanting to 'test the market'. Facebook is a perfect place to do this. We offer the ability to have the Facebook shop change as you grow. If you decide you want to create an online store off facebook, you can easily change your facebook storefront to forward your existing traffic to your new online store!

Do I have to have a Facebook Business Page?

Yes. Facebook requires any third party applications to be installed to a business page. A business page is attached to a personal profile for management, so go ahead and open your Facebook Business page before you begin.

Do I need Paypal or another Merchant Account?

This depends on how you would like to collect funds for your products. Our facebook stores provide the ability to connect to existing merchange accounts, such as, or for you to set up a quick and easy payment processor like Paypal or Google Checkout. We also provide 'Cash on Delivery' for those facebook shops that have a product being hand delivered.

Do I have to enter a credit card for the free trial?

Absolutely not. We want you to only put in your credit card when you are sold our on product. Many competitors use this tactic in hopes you forget about the trial and then you are automatically billed.

Storefront Social stands by a great service, and gives you a free 7 day trial.

Are there any contracts or transaction fees?

Absolutely not. With Storefront Social, our facebook shops do not charge any transaction fees. A lot of our clients are wildly successful in generating revenue from their facebook stores, but we want to provide this marketing tool to anyone who wants to sell online, at a reasonable price unlike any other advertising opportunity. No contracts nor transaction fees keeps us competitive!

Can I do Cash On Delivery?

Yes you can! Some of our customers prefer this method for the type of good they are selling on Facebook. This has a complete checkout that conducts the transaction wholly on Facebook. Give it a try!

Features included in Our Facebook Stores

  Basic Plus Gold
Storefront Custom Header
Pre Configured Product Social Share (Facebook & Twitter)
Choose Your Storefront Template (over 7 options!)
Your Twitter Badge On Your Storefront
Product Search
Feature/Highlight Product
Product Import by CSV
Clone Storefronts to multiple business pages (Affiliate Marketing)
Customize Your Buy Now Button
Paypal, Google, BitCoin, WePay, Stripe, COD, and more!

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