Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we receive for customers interested in Storefront Social.

Do I need to already have a store online?

Absolutely not! Storefront Social is a great way to test the waters of ecommerce by trying to sell your products to your fans/friends/family members first. At a low monthly cost, we provide you with a full checkout inside Facebook.

If you already have a website with a store, you can extend your store into a Facebook shop by using Storefront Social as well. Simply import your existing products, and you’ll be up and running in not time.

Are there any contracts? What if I want to cancel?

Sign up for a free trial and NO billing information is required. If you like Storefront Social, simply put in your billing details to continue using. When you want to cancel, you simply go into your account and click cancel! No obligations, contracts, or hidden fees. Simple monthly billing based on the plan you choose to use.

I’m not a technical person, can I use this application?

That’s ok! Our support is willing to help you every step of the way. You will need to know some basics using a computer, like how to upload an image and setting up a payment account like Paypal. Other than that, we’ve worked hard on making it very easy to get your facebook store up and running.

Can I get stats about my Facebook Store?

Storefront Social offers great analytics about your facebook store views, clickthroughs as well as your purchases (unless you’re connecting with your existing webstore.) Our analytics show you live information about how your store is performing, and graphs it so you can see improvements of your fan base growth, storeviews, clickthroughs and overall conversions.

We also support the use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the best tool for seeing in depth analysis about your site. If you haven’t signed up already, get your account now at

Using the link below, you can give your URLs specific parameters so you can watch the stats driven specifically from your storefront on Facebook. Remember though that Social Media REQUIRES engagement, so use this as a tool to determine how to get your products actively engaging your customers by featuring a product of the day, sharing specific products to your news feed, creating a discount for your fans etc..

Does Google Penalize You For Having A Duplicate Store?

Google does NOT penalize you for this. Fanpages are searched by Google but are NOT indexed. Therefore, your storefront is safe from duplication penalty and you can use the same content for this storefront. However, we encourage keeping the descriptions short and sweet if possible to ‘tease’ the viewer into actually going into your ecommerce store. The whole advantage of having your products in front of fans on Facebook is to invite them to go to your true online store!

Do I have to give you my credit card for the free trial?

Absolutely not! Unlike other Facebook Store companies, we understand how a lot of companies want to get your credit card up front so they can charge you immediately after the trial. We want there to be no barriers to using our service for free. We love our customers, and do not want anyone to feel tricked. That’s why activating your service AFTER the free trial is entirely up to you. If you feel like it’s a good fit for your business, only then do you need to provide your credit card details.


Not finding your answer here? Simply open a support ticket at Storefront Social Support!