Reveal Tab – Fan Gating Your Facebook Store

Our newest feature, the Reveal Tab, or commonly referred to as fangating, encourages fan growth by requiring a fan to like your business page before entering the store. It’s a great way to encourage brand recognition, because as soon as that user likes your page to see the storefront, it is instantly promoted in their newsfeed to all their friends. While it’s true that the number of fans you have still does not determine the engagement you maintain with your customers, it definitely has a correlation with your fan ‘reach’. As long as you don’t abuse the privilege of being able to communicate directly with your fans (IE: Too many status updates create an annoyance to your customers!) you will develop a fan base that is engaged with your brand.

Our fangating feature allows you to create your own artwork as the encouragement to cause the viewer to click the like button. Make sure to create a great reason for your customers to see the storefront. Remember, the main reason you are putting your products on Storefront Social is to encourage word-of-mouth marketing about your products to happen. By requiring a user to like your page to enable viewing the storefront, yet they don’t get anything exclusive in return, this will create a negative reaction to your requirement. Be sure to give something exclusive to the customer for doing this action for you.

Another great reason to fangate or reveal to users after clicking the like button, is a sense of engagement that you get from the user. It’s in a sense a game that you are having your users complete, but be sure there’s something in it for them as well. No one likes to play a game when there’s nothing to win! This engagement will keep them coming back if their initial experience is good. You want to ensure that the user gained something by liking your business, and has a great experience after doing so. Otherwise you risk dissatisfaction and an instant unliking of your brand.

Share with us your experiences with fangating and show us your most creative custom artwork to entice the users to like your business!